Buying a Women's Winter Vest: What to Look For

Buying a Women's Winter Vest: What to Look For

You may think buying a winter vest is simple. Just look for winter outerwear that covers your core and is missing its sleeves, right? Well, that certainly covers the basics. However, you’ll want quality over quantity when you make a winter outerwear purchase. To ensure you spend your hard-earned money wisely, let’s take a closer look at what features matter most in winter vests before you start filling your cart.

Flatter Your Figure

Look for a down vest with flattering quilt patterns and shaping at the waist or back. A fleece vest with shaping, pockets along the seams will have an equally flattering appeal. A more feminine looking silhouette with extra warmth is possible.

Perfectly Printed

Prints are such a popular trend! You do not have to go without and stick to basic solid colored winter vests. A vest is the perfect print piece to mix and match into your winter wardrobe. Take a look at the daily essentials you plan on using as your go-tos this year. What colors are they? Then find a great winter vest with those colors weaved into the print pattern. Now you have a winter vest you can throw over practically anything in your closet for the next three seasons.

Down Alternatives

Down is the ultimate insulator, however, there are amazing down alternative vests on the market that truly mirror the look of down so closely that it is practically impossible to know which is which. The down-alternative that leads the pack? That’s easy: ThermoPlume® insulation by PrimaLoft®. ThermoPlume vests offer the look and feel of down. They are lightweight and airy, yet warm and water-resistant. Plus (now this is quite possibly the best feature of all), you can toss your ThermoPlume vest into the dryer without tennis balls and it will still retain its loft and shape.

Fleece Options

Let’s not forget fleece in our hunt for winter vests. And if we are talking about fleece, we need to talk about Sherpa! Sherpa fleece jackets have always been at the tippity top of the fleece game for decades and aren’t coming down off that mountain anytime soon. It creates a softer, warmer, more plush fleece vest. You’ll stay cozy into the deep weeks of February as a layer indoors, and continue wearing it into spring as a warm-up outdoors. If you prefer a lighter option, look for a lighter fleece vest, but make sure it has an antistatic finish. Lands’ End makes sure shocking handshakes are a thing of the past. Helps your fleece last longer, too.


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