What to Look for in a Maternity Swimsuit: Tips for Expecting Moms

What to Look for in a Maternity Swimsuit: Tips for Expecting Moms

You’re looking for a maternity swimsuit? Congratulations! Let’s look at some great options to support you and your growing curves during this exciting time.

Comfort Is Key

The first consideration for a maternity swimsuit is comfort. As your body continues to change, so will your need for comfort. In addition to a swimsuit that will look and feel great with your blooming belly, you’ll want one that supports your changing bustline, is easy to get in and out of, and gives you the coverage you prefer.

If you are new to shopping for maternity swimwear, most size charts are based on your pre-pregnancy measurements. For example, if you wore a size 1X before you became pregnant, you would look for size 1X in plus size maternity swimsuits. If you are expecting twins, it’s a great idea to move up a size to give you more flexibility. The suits themselves should be designed to flex with your growing curves. High-quality materials like lycra, spandex, and nylon will accommodate your body’s changes with comfort. A maternity swimsuit should never feel constrictive at any point in your pregnancy. Features like adjustable straps at the shoulder or neck and either shelf bras or molded bra cups for added support will help you to stay comfortable through all of the changes of pregnancy.

Maternity Wear Is Active Wear

Swimming is a great activity during pregnancy. Water aerobics is low impact, and the buoyancy of the water makes them an easy choice for both you and your baby. Always check with your health professional, but chances are they will heartily approve of exercising (and relaxing!) in the water.

If you are an active pool swimmer, consider maternity bathing suits made with chlorine-resistant material. A maternity swimsuit with a built-in SPF can be helpful for some extra sun protection if you love the beach.

Savvy Styles

Gone are the days when pregnant women had few styles to choose from (or avoided the beach altogether)! From beautiful one-piece options to a myriad of two piece swimsuit options, there is no reason to sacrifice style to pursue comfort with maternity swimwear. Classic one-piece swimsuits can be beautiful and come with stretchy fabric and adjustable straps to make them work for you while you stay stylish. If you have never tried a swim dress, you might want to try one on for size. This one-piece option is stylish and elegant in its simplicity.

Do you have favorite styles, colors, or patterns that you love in swimwear? Why not start with those and find a maternity swimsuit that fits them? What colors look great with your skin, hair, and eyes? Are there favorite colors that always seem to bring compliments your way? Why not go for a gorgeous jewel tone or a sophisticated all-black swimsuit? Perhaps a summery floral is more to your taste. Whatever looks you prefer, you can find them in maternity swimwear.

Changing Contours

In addition to choosing a swimsuit that can take you through the changes of pregnancy, it’s nice when you have the option of wearing the same one post-partum, too. A two-piece swimsuit where you can change the bikini bottoms, swim shorts, swim skirt, or swim top will give you the most flexibility on this. A blouson tankini top can often take you through pregnancy and postpartum. It has a looser silhouette that looks elegant and feels comfy while pairing well with a variety of swimsuit bottoms.

Choosing a suit that you can wear post-partum is also a choice that will save you time and money. Most new moms have more than enough on their to-do lists, so already having your comfy and stylish swimsuit ready to go will feel like a treat on a busy day.

Cover-Ups for Two

Choosing a maternity swimsuit cover up is a matter of comfort and style. You can choose a maternity cover-up, wear a cute summer dress as a cover-up, or even a maternity T-shirt or blouse and shorts. As long as you are as covered to your comfort level when going to and from the pool or the beach, there are no rules. Wearing a dress as a cover-up is handy if you will be running errands before or after swimming or need an outfit to take you from the beach to the boardwalk. White is a lovely choice for a swimsuit cover-up, as it will go with all your swimwear and help keep you cool, too.

Take a little time and choose the maternity swimsuit that is just right for you and your baby. Have a wonderful summer!


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