What Should I Buy for Back-To-School Clothes?

What Should I Buy for Back-To-School Clothes?

It’s that time of year again! Back-to-school shopping is in full swing, and your growing kid will need some new clothes to start the year. Let’s look at what to buy for back-to-school clothes.

Start with Sizes

This may sound obvious but when shopping for kids’ clothes, start with the current measurements for your child. It’s amazing how fast they can grow. Even if you think you know, get the measuring tape out and be sure. Kids can have growth spurts where they shoot up, then later they fill out. Whatever wonderful size your kid is, make sure they will have clothes that fit. That’s the first step to keeping them comfy.

Stylish Staples

A kid’s wardrobe is like an adult’s wardrobe—it’s best to start with staples. By making sure that your little one has comfy pants in neutral colors and fun tops in neutrals and bright colors, you will be on your way to having weekday mornings that run smoothly and end with everyone getting out the door on time, prepared for a great day, and looking sharp.

Layers are Lifesavers

Layers aren’t just for winter! Whether it’s that kids’ hoodie that they wear everywhere from an overly air-conditioned classroom to the playground or the flannel shirt that works great over a T-shirt or under a jacket, layers will give your kids options for staying comfy no matter what the weather or climate control may bring.

Terrific Tops

T-shirts (both short-sleeved and long-sleeved) are great wardrobe staples for back-to-school. Kids’ graphic T-shirts can be fun and will work well with any neutral-colored pair of pants. This is also an area where allowing your kids some choice works well. By letting them choose one or two favorite T-shirts from a parent-approved collection, you will both be happy.

Sweaters are another great layering option—and they look so cute, too! Cardigan sweaters can work well if your child is old enough to manage the buttons. Crewneck sweaters in a soft fiber are easy and can be worn alone, on top of another top, and under a jacket or coat. And don’t forget crewneck sweatshirts—one of the easiest and most versatile kids’ garments of them all.

Perfect Pants

A great pair of jeans is the most versatile pair of back-to-school pants that you can buy. Kids’ jeans will work year-round and can go everywhere except to decidedly dressy occasions. Joggers and sweatpants can be a cozy option to have on hand, too.

Smart Sneakers

Kids’ sneakers are a must-have back-to-school item. If your child is still growing, once again, check sizes. If you know your child’s exact shoe size and they are still growing, it’s a great idea to have them try on a half-size larger. If they can still walk and run with comfort in the larger shoe, go for the bigger pair. You will get a bit more mileage out of their new sneakers this way (and if they’re little, they may think it’s cool to wear the larger ones).

Along with sneakers, make sure that your child has plenty of socks that fit and are in good condition. Kids’ socks not only disappear in the dryer, but they also get outgrown quickly—and kids are just tougher on their socks than adults. Do a quick inventory and check their socks for holes and stains. Toss out the ones that don’t pass your inspection and get some new ones to go with those cool new kicks. A quick underwear inventory is a good idea, too. Unless your child recently graduated from potty training and is proud of their big boy or big girl underwear, chances are they won’t mention anything to you until they have outgrown all their current options. Keep them comfy with the right underwear, too.

Awesome Outerwear

Before we know it, the weather will be getting frightful (at least in Wisconsin). Keep your kids cozy with a new back-to-school kids’ fleece jacket. Fleece is warm, soft and it breathes. It’s great for layering over a top and even under a winter coat.

Speaking of winter coats, back-to-school is a great time of year to go winter coat shopping. Just like with shoes, try to buy them something that fits now, yet gives them a little room to grow. Consider a kids’ down coat for the ultimate in warmth. By shopping early, you’ll get the best selection (and not be worrying if a winter storm will hit before you get their new coat). Rain jackets, rain boots, and snow boots are also basics for kids as they head back for the new school year. Make sure to keep them cozy, come what may.

Now... go get them ready for a great school year!


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