What to Bring If You're Spending Christmas with Friends

What to Bring If You're Spending Christmas with Friends

There’s nothing better than spending Christmas with friends! You can all share the warmth and beauty of the season along with all those Christmas activities, from cookie baking to parties to unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning. Make the season bright with these easy tips for what to bring when you visit your friends for Christmas.

Comfy Clothes

You will want to have comfy clothes for your visit with friends. At least some of the time you spend together is likely to be best spent in casualwear like a women’s sweater and leggings. Whether you are baking cookies, hanging out by the fire with a cup of tea and reminiscing, or running last-minute errands, take it easy in comfy clothes.

Jeans are always a go-to, as are long-sleeved T-shirts. Be sure to take any climate changes into account. If you are from the Midwest and are visiting friends in the sunny South, you will want to lose the extra layers and break out those short sleeves for the occasion. And if swimming is a possibility, don’t forget to bring your favorite suit and coverup.


When you are staying with friends, it’s good to put a little more thought into your women’s loungewear than you might at home. Are you likely to be unwrapping presents around the tree on Christmas morning or staying up late at night visiting? There’s no need to get fully dressed for the day to run into an old friend or their spouse at the coffee maker in the morning, but you will want to be comfortable and covered when you do. Bring some pajamas, a robe, and some slippers so you can stay cozy as you stay up late or get up early to enjoy the holiday.

Festive Clothes

You’ll want to ask about what activities to expect in advance. Will you be attending a church service, a Christmas party, or perhaps caroling in the neighborhood? Bring something festive that will keep you comfortably dressed for the occasion. A Christmas sweater that you pair with either jeans or a skirt is a great option. Perhaps it’s time to splurge on a new holiday dress and heels. You could dress up basic black with jewelry or go all out in a shade of red or green that makes you look and feel fabulous. And the holidays are one of that sparkles are always in!

Be sure to pack all the different “parts” to your outfits, too. Does that sweater look better with a turtleneck or T-shirt underneath? Does that dynamite dress require foundation garments for a smooth finish? What about hosiery, shoes, and just the right jewelry? If you will be out and about, what type of outerwear will you need? If you are heading from a warm climate to a cold one, consider a packable down coat for both warmth and easy packing. And don’t forget a hat and gloves.

Something to Share

It’s Christmas time, after all! Having a thoughtful gift with you will help you to feel more at ease. Perhaps this is a traditional gift, but the gift of sharing old photographs, favorite food, or a fun board game can be just as thoughtful (or even more) than bringing them something to decorate their home or wardrobe. Especially with old friends, tap into your history together and get creative. Maybe stash that old yearbook in your carry-on to spark some laughter and sharing of old stories. If your friends have children or grandchildren, be sure to show them fashions like hairstyles and clothes from back in the day. Everyone will get a kick out of them.


This one may seem unusual to include on a list of what to bring when visiting friends, but trust us, this is key—especially for Christmas. Every family has its own traditions, their own habits, and their own idiosyncrasies. Maybe you prefer to have a cup of coffee before speaking to anyone in the morning, but your best friend’s husband is an extrovert who thinks that talking about the day’s plans from the minute he gets up in the morning is part of being a good host.

Do your best to create the space that you will need to be comfortable, whether it is getting enough sleep, having your favorite morning beverage, or suggesting a favorite dish for a meal. But also roll with it. You have already received the gift of wonderful friends and the ability to visit them for Christmas. This is enough. And truth be told, you can probably drink your coffee in total silence in your own home on most days—without the dear company of your friends by your side.

What to bring when spending Christmas with friends? The most important things are your warmth, your humor, your stories, and, yes, a little extra flexibility. With all of that, you are bound to have a great Christmas with your friends.


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