Going on a Weekend Getaway?: Here's What To Bring

Going on a Weekend Getaway?: Here's What To Bring

Going on a weekend getaway can help relieve stress, get you to relax, and really make the most of your time off. Being prepared for anything doesn't have to be stressful; you can have the time of your life no matter what the weekend brings when you know what to pack.

Pack Smart With Layers

Most places you may travel to for the weekend could have fluctuating temps, so having a few layers prepared is essential. Things like lightweight jackets, cardigans, shawls, wraps, and accessories like scarves, hats, or coverups can help you make the most of any weekend trip. Consider your location and activities and pack layers accordingly.

Planning a hiking getaway? Hoodies, flannel shirts, or sporty jackets could be the layering solution. Whisking yourself away to a warm-weather location? Swim coverups and light women's sweaters could save the day. Wherever your weekend plans take you, having a few portable layers can make all the difference when it comes to comfort.

Toiletries Necessities Done Tiny

Packing all your basic hygiene and toiletry items is definitely an essential for your weekend getaway, but packing the regular bulk containers of soap, shampoo, mouthwash, and other items will make your weekend getaway bag bulge beyond belief. Instead, you can use a few simple tricks to combat bag bulges with tiny toiletries. Next time you’re at a hotel, save the extra mini shampoo and conditioner bottles and toss them in your bag when you have a quick getaway. Or, buy empty mini travel bottles at your cloak drugstore or dollar store and just fill them with your standard product bottles.

Consider repurposing some common everyday items for travel purposes - the plastic container that housed the mints in your purse, for example, is perfect for storing a few flossers and mini toothpaste. You can even use snack-size Ziploc bags for items like lotion or shampoo. Just make sure to zip them completely and bag them inside another bag to prevent messes.

Don’t Forget the Everyday Essentials

Sometimes when you're rushed to get ready for a getaway, you get caught up with clothing and other items and some of the everyday essentials fall by the wayside. Items like extra masks, travel-size hand sanitizer, lip balm, sunglasses, sunscreen, phone or device charges, pain reliever or antacids, and a mini first-aid kit all organized into a toiletry bag are essentials that can make a difference.

Hydrate and Refuel

No matter where your weekend destination takes you, chances are there is some measure of travel involved. Whether it's 30 minutes or several hours away, staying hydrated and nourished can keep you energized and ready to go when you reach your destination. Pack a small cooler bag or cooler with water, sports drinks, and healthy snacks like trail mix or nutrition bars to help keep you at your best. Packing a reusable water bottle to have on hand and use when you reach your location is also a good plan.

Extra Clothing Items

While it can be tempting to conserve bag space and hassle, having a few extra clothing items can help give you peace of mind for your weekend getaway. Consider having an extra set of undergarments, socks, and an extra outfit just in case of spills or other mishaps stowed away in your women's weekender bag. You may also want to pack a few extra items of clothing in case you or your group makes an impromptu decision on the weekend plans. For example, maybe a casual weekend ends up involving a nice dinner out, or a more upscale weekend trip could end up involving a casual walk around a park.

Having those spare outfit options, like a cashmere turtleneck or women's cardigan sweater could come in handy.

Stress-Relieving Simplicities

The whole point of a weekend getaway is to relax and recharge, so why not ensure you’re packing some simple stress relieves? Maybe some soothing bubble bath or a favorite scented candle can create that relaxing atmosphere you need. Your earbuds and your most relaxing playlist, that novel you’ve been dying to read, or a new facial scrub you’ve been wanting to try could help take your weekend getaway to the next level when it comes to relieving stress.

Luxury Splurges

Another great option to pack for your trip is bringing along a few luxury splurges. That bar of high-end chocolate will never taste better than on your weekend trip. That new pair of aloe-infused socks? Just made the whole weekend better. Pack cozy PJs like soft new flannel pajamas or soft cotton pairs. Luxury lotions, body wash, pillow spray, and other items can help you treat yourself to the getaway you deserve. It doesn’t take much to pack a few extra items like this in your weekend getaway bag, but chances are you’ll be glad you packed these special items for your trip.

Bringing the Perfect Items for Your Weekend Getaway

A little forethought and packing tips can help you plan to toss all the best options into your weekend getaway bag. From everyday essentials and necessities to those small items that will make the weekend extra special, knowing what to pack will bring a smile to your face all weekend long.


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