What Swimwear Is Best for Short Torsos?

What Swimwear is Best for Short Torsos?

Finding the “right” swimsuit can be tricky at best. A bathing suit can look one way on a model or mannequin but look completely different when you try it on. Considering that nobody has the same body as another, it makes perfect sense that any apparel will look different once you try it on. Reasons could be height proportions, hair color, and other factors. Another very common reason swimsuits can look different from one person to the next is because some people have shorter torsos than others. If you’re looking for a swimsuit that makes your torso look a bit longer, you’re not alone, and it is totally possible to achieve this goal. Continue reading for the best swimwear options for short torsos.

Learn the Tricks

It’s amazing how easily the eyes can be tricked! That’s what’s so great about clothing: you can put on something that makes you feel and look glamorous one moment, then casual and comfy the next. Why should your pool or beachwear be any different? You might want to look sporty in an active swimsuit one day and glamorous in a classic bikini and sarong the next. If making your torso look longer helps with that, so be it. Women on the petite side are familiar with the tricks, and one common one is to wear a bikini top with a high bustline with bottoms that show more leg.

Let’s Start at the Bottom

Speaking of the bottoms, let’s get into what types of bottoms can help make your torso look longer. Although high-waist bottoms are in style, they cover more of the torso you actually want to expose to elongate it. That’s totally fine if you like a high waist, of course, but you’ll want to balance it out. If you really love high-waisted bikini bottoms, high-cut legs in the thigh area can help counter the impact of the high-cut waist. They also make your legs look longer, which lots of women love.

Another tip when choosing swimwear to elongate the torso is to try string bikini bottoms. They’re not the best for sporty activities, but they can offer a flattering, flirty look that balances women's proportions with shorter torsos. Plus, they’re adjustable, so there are more customizable sizing options!

Full-Coverage Options

As we mentioned, high-cut bottoms have their benefits, and many women like them because they offer tummy control. One-piece swimsuits can do the same, but they cover more of the already-short torso. Luckily, there are ways to counter that. One is to, again, opt for a high-cut, one-piece suit. Adding a deep V-neck also helps break up the coverage. Don’t forget about the back either. A bareback can really look great while also lengthening the look of the torso.

Bring Attention to the Neckline and Shoulders

If you want to draw attention away from the torso, wear a swimsuit or bikini bathing suit that draws attention to the neckline and shoulder area. For example, you can get a one-piece or bikini top with embellishments like ruffles or beading at the top. Or you can try a swimsuit with an off-the-shoulder style as opposed to traditional straps. Anything other than the norm will attract attention toward the neck and shoulders.

Don’t forget about jewelry! A necklace and dangly earrings can also draw people's focus to the neck and face and away from the torso. Plus, jewelry is simply fun to wear and isn't just for formal events. There’s no use leaving it tucked away in your jewelry box. Why not throw on some jewelry to take your swim outfit to the next level?

Let Patterns Be Your Friend

Patterns excite the eyes and give them something to look at other than a specific body part. For that matter, have fun with flowers, polka dots, stars, paisley, or whatever type of design you like. Vertical stripes are also great at lengthening the torso, as the long lines naturally elongate whatever they are on.

Whether you’re tall, of average height, or petite, there may be lots of reasons why you want to make your torso look longer. Whatever the reason, follow the tips mentioned here to get a swimsuit you love during your next shopping trip!


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