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What Should I Wear When Traveling by Train?

You’re going on a train trip? Cool! Whether you are going cross country in the states or going on-trend traveling Europe by train, you’ll want to plan your wardrobe for comfort, style, and convenience. Let’s look at what you should wear when traveling by train.

How Do I Balance Comfort and Style When Traveling by Train?

You will want to pack comfortable clothes for various temperatures and still make you look and feel great. Focus on mixing and matching pieces in neutral colors. Depending upon the length of your trip, you will probably be comfortable packing four pairs of pants, four short-sleeved tops, a couple of dresses, a cardigan sweater, and a hoodie. Choose different types, like one pair of jeans, one pair of leggings, a pair of joggers, and a pair of pants that can be dressed up or down. The same goes for casual tops. One white, one black, and one gray short-sleeved top with different necklines will give you options. Make sure your cardigan will work with almost everything else you pack. If you love color, bring one colorful dress and one neutral dress. Plan on a week’s worth of lingerie and socks. By choosing neutral pieces that you can dress up or down, you can create a fun variety of outfits that will give you the great looks you want with the comfort you crave.

Are Leggings and Jeans Okay to Wear in Europe?

For the most part, “yes." With that said, look closely at what you plan to do and where you plan to go on your trip. Pants and a women’s T-shirt that can be dressed up with a cardigan and neat shoes might be better at a casual restaurant than leggings and a hoodie. If you plan to tour any specific sites, keep in mind that they may have dress codes for religious or cultural reasons. Many churches have gorgeous artwork, for example, but expect female tourists to wear skirts that cover their knees and conservative tops and male tourists to wear long pants and conservative shirts. Always dress for the culture and the specific location so you will be a polite guest and be allowed to engage in the activities that interest you.

What Shoes Should I Bring on My Train Trip?

You’ll need a great pair of walking shoes and at least one pair of dressier shoes or booties (that are also good for walking). Be sure to break in all your shoes before your trip to ensure comfort. Bringing your favorite slippers to wear on the train while relaxing from all that walking is a great idea. Keep women’s socks in mind, too. Cotton socks will be the most comfortable to wear with your walking shoes. Unless you are a fashionista and know you will have plenty of luggage space, this is not the time to bring a pair of shoes for each outfit. You will be happier with a versatile, minimalist approach.

What Luggage and Purses Should I Bring for a European Train Trip?

Backpacks are your friend on European train trips for several reasons. It’s wise to plan your luggage so you can carry everything yourself (even if you have a high-end train trip planned with plenty of amenities). Backpacks also leave your hands free. The best ones have pockets in all the right places for grabbing items like tickets, sunglasses, and water bottles—in other words, all your travel essentials.

Bags that can fit inside other bags are handy, too. Bring one wristlet or small purse that will handle just your essentials, and then have at least one tote bag or small backpack handy for day-long excursions. You’ll want the larger bag to be able to accommodate things like your favorite hoodie or sweater, a hairbrush, and a small makeup kit for a quick touch-up and have room for souvenirs.

How Do I Do Laundry on a European Train Trip?

This will depend upon the length of your trip and where you stay. Plan to bring a week’s worth of clothing to give yourself choices. Unless you sweat directly into a garment or spill something on it, you can often wear it twice before washing it. Denim is a great example of this.

Laundry options en route range from dry-cleaning available at higher-end hotels (if this will be part of your trip) to handy laundromats at stops along the way to a quick wash out of an item or two in the bathroom sink. If you think you will be hand washing a few items, consider bringing a nylon string that can function as a travel clothesline and a small container of laundry soap. Shampoo is a good makeshift laundry detergent as it is gentler than hand soap.

With a bit of planning, you will be comfortable and stylish on your train trip. Have a fabulous trip!


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