What Should I Wear to a Summer Baby Shower?

Baby showers are great excuses for reconnecting with friends and family — growing families at that. And baby showers are getting more entertaining as hosts are finding more and more creative ways to include the whole family instead of just the females. There are fun games, good food, and maybe even some cocktails. With traditional baby showers becoming more modern and fun, it’s only natural to wonder, “What should I wear to a summer baby shower these days?” This is especially true when it’s 95 degrees outside and you really just want to wear shorts and a tank top. Instead of risking a fashion faux-pas, take a look at our suggestions of what to wear to a summer baby shower, whether you’re a guest or the guest of honor.

What Should You Wear If You’re the Mom-to-Be?

If you’re the guest of honor at a summer baby shower, the good news is that you can do whatever you want. Everyone understands the need to put comfort first when you’re expecting, and that’s especially true when it’s hot and humid, and you’re carrying the weight of an extra person. However, that doesn’t mean you should wear whatever you want. Remember that there will be lots of picture-taking going on, and you don’t want to look back at them wondering, “What was I thinking?” You want to look glowing and radiant while also staying true to your normal style. After all, your guests will be dressing up as well, and you don’t want them to feel over-dressed. In general, you can’t go wrong with a comfortable cotton summer dress, but if that’s not your style, a pair of khaki maternity shorts with a nice lightweight blouse is perfectly fine.

You might be wondering about shoes as well. Comfort is everything when you’re expecting, and the combination of summer heat and pregnancy isn’t necessarily ideal. In short, don’t feel like you have to go buy a brand-new pair of shoes just to wear for a few hours. Wear whatever feels comfortable and matches your outfit, even if it is just a pair of flip-flops. Just be sure to treat yourself to a pedicure beforehand!

What Should You Wear If You’re the Grandma-to-Be?

Lots of excited grandmas-to-be have the same question. Overall, it’s typically best to consult with your daughter about what she’s wearing so you don’t steal the limelight. If she’s dressing up, you should probably as well. If she feels more comfortable in shorts, feel free to wear shorts as well. Still, the golden rule is to dress picture-appropriate. You’ll be in lots of family photos and will want to maybe hang a few up at home as well, so wear something you would be happy to frame yourself in. If you know the sex of the baby, you could also have fun with wearing something pink or baby blue, if mom is OK with it.

What Should You Wear If You’re a Guest at a Summer Baby Shower?

Guests of baby showers often have this question, most likely because they know the rule of what not to wear for summer weddings and wedding showers: Never wear white. Thankfully, there aren’t any rules like this for baby showers. If you don’t know whether the overall theme will be summer casual or dressy, it’s safest to wear something on the dressy side — not something as fancy as what you would wear to a wedding, but something that’s a step up from your normal summer going-out attire. A sundress is safe, as is a skirt or skort paired with a flowy summer blouse. As for colors, think of something bright and summery, like greens, pinks, blues, and yellows. Flower patterns are always safe as well.

What Should You Wear to a Co-Ed Summer Baby Shower?

Gone are the days when it was just women invited to baby showers. These days, men may also be invited. While the guy in your life might initially turn up his nose at an invite to a summer baby shower, it’s likely that he’ll end up having a good time. Co-ed summer baby showers tend to be more like casual barbecues held outside. And unless the invite states otherwise, this means summer barbecue attire, like shorts and short-sleeved shirts for both of you. Still, the mom-to-be’s family will be there, and there will be pictures taken, so you should try to avoid items that are too casual, like T-shirts and tank tops. Instead, he can wear khaki shorts and a short-sleeved button-down shirt or polo. You can wear the same, or stick with a cute maxi dress or sundress.

Don’t forget to accessorize as well. If it’s an outdoor summer baby shower, a cute straw hat and sunglasses can really elevate your look. Now that you know what you can wear to a summer baby shower, all you have to do is remember to buy the gift!


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