What Should a Woman Wear on A Picnic Date?

What Should a Woman Wear on A Picnic Date?

Are you going on a picnic date? Fun! Let’s look at some tips on what to wear so you will look and feel great on your date.

Jeans and a Casual Top

A pair of dark or medium wash women’s jeans and a casual top are a great choice for a picnic date. A great pair of jeans will be comfy, make your legs look great, and keep you warm if there is any chance of a chill in the air. Pair them with a classic white T-shirt or a casual short-sleeved top in a color that makes you look and feel great. A pair of white sneakers or cute sandals that are good for walking will finish this ensemble. That way, if you need to walk to get to the picnic site or choose to take a stroll with your date after you eat, you’ll be all set.

If you are in charge of the menu for your picnic date, this will give you more “white top options”—something to keep in mind, especially if this is a first date. In addition to obvious items that you might want to avoid serving like ketchup or marinara sauce, consider skipping strawberries and watermelon, too. It’s amazing what can end up on a white top! With this said, your date should like you with or without stains (and they are just as likely to spill as you are), so feel free to choose “delicious” even if it's likely to get messy.

Jeans, Tank Top, and a Cardigan

Before you head out the door with that picnic basket, make sure you are dressed for the weather. For a picnic with the likelihood of variable weather, consider jeans, and a women’s cotton tank top, and a cute cardigan or hoodie. This will allow you to bundle up or cool off while looking stylish.

If you are in one of those Wisconsin seasons like “still summer," “almost fall," or “fake winter," layering options can be even more important. In addition to a cardigan or hoodie, consider a fleece jacket or a shacket to keep you cozy. Boots can look cute with jeans and will give you more insulation than other types of footwear.

Capris and a Short Sleeve Shirt

A neutral-colored pair of capris and a short sleeve women’s shirt is an easy combination that will look cute for a picnic date. White capris look great in the summer, but they are white. Unless you are sure that you will have a picnic blanket or spotless bench or chair to sit on, go with denim or black.

Don’t forget to keep sunscreen in mind, too. Even if you are only out for an hour or two, don’t count on the shade of a tree or picnic area to keep you safe from the sun on your date. One of the best parts about choosing a picnic for a date is that it will give the two of you a quiet opportunity for conversation. If things are going well, you will want to linger, not worry about getting sunburned.

Capris and a Sleeveless Top

For a cool and crisp summer look, consider capri pants and a sleeveless top. Both garments say “summer” and will keep you looking great. Sandals look best with this combination, so make them comfy walking sandals if you are likely to get some steps in on your picnic date.

If you like the idea of walking together after your picnic, check out the area in advance and see if there are walking or hiking paths or scenic areas. Walking and talking together in nature can be a great way to get to know someone on a first date, and a romantic stroll can be a lovely activity for even the most established couples.

Shorts and a Tank Top

A pair of jeans shorts and a tank top can be a great combination if the weather will be warm. This is a great look for a beach picnic or a park picnic. Women’s shorts will keep you cool while working great for a walk or even double as a beach cover-up if you have a beach picnic with swimming as an option. Don’t forget the beach towels and sunglasses if you go for this one.

Jersey Dress

Dresses can be casual, too! Why not wear a comfy jersey dress to keep you looking and feeling great on your date? A jersey dress is a wonderful invention. It's lovely while being as comfy as wearing a T-shirt from top to bottom. Whether this is a first date, or you are out with your long-time love, why not enjoy the beauty and comfort of a cute dress?

Have a great time on your picnic date!


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