What Outerwear Makes the Best Gifts for Men?

What Outerwear Makes the Best Gifts for Men?

Is there a man in your life who has a birthday coming up? Or is it the holiday season and you want to get him something special, stylish, and practical? A high-quality men's down jacket or winter coat may be just the thing he needs. There are so many jacket and coat styles to choose from, so your top priority is finding the style you know he will love. In this post, we will take a look at some of the top outerwear styles that are great gifts for men for any occasion.

The Peacoat

The peacoat was first worn by American and European navy crewmen, but has since cemented itself as a style staple unlikely to ever leave the fashion scene. Peacoats are a shorter coat style, but are thick and warm, making it a great winter outerpiece option. A wool peacoat in a gray, black, or navy blue color makes for a stunning look and you can find many variations in style until you find the peacoat that fits your man’s specific style preferences.

The Overcoat

When the man in your life needs a highly fashionable outerwear piece to layer over his equally stylish suit, the overcoat (also known as the topcoat) is the way to go. The overcoat is a classic that has been around for many years, but even within this category, there are so many style evolutions. There are variations in the degree of waist suppression as well as different options for single-breasted and double-breasted styles. The length typically goes just below the knee and you can shop around for options that come with pockets or no pockets. If you really want to splurge on someone special, go for a cashmere wool overcoat. Something in a beige tone looks very dashing over a navy blue suit.

The Trench Coat

Trench coats look just as fabulous on men as they do women. A trench coat is a great choice for the modern man, especially one who lives and works in the city and needs a stylish outerwear piece to layer over his suits. Unlike the overcoat, a coat typically designed solely for the late fall and winter seasons, the trench coat can be worn during the fall, winter, and spring. There are also different colors to choose from, but the most classic colors include khaki, black, and gray. Plus, high-quality trench coats are made with a slight sheen and water resistance, making it the perfect men’s rain jacket to wear on a stormy day.

The Puffer Jacket

While most of the coats we have already mentioned in this list are much more metropolitan in style, one coat that is great for any winter setting is the puffer jacket. This is a great style choice for the man who spends a lot of time outdoors during the winter, whether that’s for work, shoveling the driveway, while he’s on a ski vacation, or just when he wants to go for a stroll through a winter wonderland. Puffer coats are constructed with a soft fill like goose down or synthetic loft materials. They come with a zip up front and usually have two pockets on each side. Puffer coats come in all different colors ranging from traditional colors like navy blue, forest green, and black; however, you can find puffer coats in bright, unconventional colors for the man who likes to make a splashy fashion statement.

The Parka

The men’s winter parka is a classic winter coat style for men and women of all ages. Fewer things make a man look more stylish and put together than a parka. A parka is also one of the most practical coat styles on this list because it was designed to protect against frigid temperatures. Whether your man is making the commute to work on a cold, snowy day or he’s heading to the lake to do some ice fishing, the parka is the coat he wants to be wearing. Parkas are designed in different lengths, from the hip to the knee and many are filled with natural or synthetic materials. Parkas also look great with an attachable, fur-lined hood.

The Work Coat

The work coat is the kind of coat the blue-collar man needs in his wardrobe collection. A work coat is something he can wear to keep him warm while working on the farm or a construction site; essentially, it’s the best coat to wear while doing some form of outdoor physical labor. It’s generally loose-fitting, so additional, thick layers like hoodies and sweatshirts can be worn underneath it. The outer layer is extremely durable and rugged, making it a coat that should last a man for several years. However, the coat is stylish enough to be worn for occasions outside of doing physical labor. Over the years, the work coat has become quite a trendy piece that can be worn with casual outfits. It’s the kind of coat that pairs very well with blue jeans and a pair of work boots.

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