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What men should wear when watching winter sports—outside

There's a funny contradiction at the heart of outdoor winter sports. From December football games to good old-fashioned pond hockey, the coldest stretch of the year hosts some of the best spectating that sports has to offer. And yet, spectating them comes with all of those less-than-desirous parts of chilly weather: numb hands, wind-whipped cheeks and noses that have felt the slightest touch of frostbite.

But as a brand proudly rooted in Wisconsin, we'd never dream of sitting a game out and letting Jack Frost have his way. Instead, we dress smart.

The building block of any serious winter-spectating uniform will always be men's long underwear. Some may scoff at what feels like an unnecessary layer, but that extra layer will start to feel very necessary once you've committed to seeing a playoff football game through half time.

For the bottom half of that second layer, you really can't go wrong with men's snow pants. The insulating power that they provide to the lower body is second to none, and they have the added bonus of standing up to whatever snowy conditions come with the game. If the temperatures aren't so brutal and precipitation is off the table, you can do just as well with a pair of warm, flannel-lined pants.

If you're willing to stick through a game amid the most trying of winter conditions, you're a fan. And as such, you should never hesitate to wear your team's jersey proudly. Just be sure to layer it under something that carries serious warmth. A men's fleece quarter zip is always a prudent choice, and its zip closure ensures that some of those fan colors can still peek out below it.

The top layer should be a down coat or a men's winter parka, depending on weather condition. But no matter which winter coat you select, be sure to complement it with a hat, gloves and a scarf. These minor pieces may be classified as "accessories," but there will come a time during the game when each feels like a gift.

It's still important to remember that sporting events are communal by nature. As warming as a multi-layered outfit is, you don't want to feel totally cocooned off from your fellow fans. The solution? Bring a fleece blanket that can cover half a bleacher's worth of cheerers. You might find that it warms the body and team spirit.

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