What Makes Cashmere the Perfect Gift?

What Makes Cashmere the Perfect Gift?

The holidays are full of holly, jolly goodies, bright spirits, and all your favorite people. One of the best parts of the holiday season is the gift-giving process, but truth be told, it can add stress to your plate. Finding the perfect gift can take a lot of work, but we’re making it easy. There are few gifts we can confidently say will work for everyone, but then came cashmere. It has our hearts for several reasons.

Lightweight, ultrasoft, long-lasting, and always in style, cashmere has your back and all your loved ones’ backs too. Read more for tips on gifting and wearing this ultimate natural fiber. In no time, you’ll be a cashmere connoisseur.

What Makes Cashmere So Soft?

The history of cashmere has Italian origins dating back to the 14th century. Even then, cashmere was making a name for itself. The material is the undercoat of Mongolian cashmere goats found in the Himalayan Mountain Range. The goat’s rougher overcoat guards the ultrasoft undercoat. When the hair is processed, these coarser furs are sifted out, leaving only the fine furs that give cashmere its velvety texture. Our 2-ply cashmere is made all the softer with a special wash.

The proof is in the pudding with cashmere, as its ultra-cozy texture is not bulky. Its ultra-lightweight material is perfect for ease of movement, which makes it an appropriate garb for several occasions. And we’ve got even more reasons to love cashmere—you’ll rush online to purchase gifts for all your friends and family.


Cashmere sweaters are easily matched with many different pants, skirts, and even sweats for casual days. Let us piece together a few outfits for you or someone special. We’ll start with an elegant cashmere sweater paired with classic corduroy pants. These corduroy pants will make your day every time, with an easy fit, full-elastic waist, and roomy side pockets. Talk about feeling amazingly comfortable while looking put-together in this ’fit. Pair it with cute casual sneakers, or dress it up with a Chelsea boot. Throw on a fitted plaid vest to pull the outfit together and give it a quirky flare.

It’s going to be a cashmere Christmas, y’all! For a night out on the town, pair a cashmere cardigan with a fitted pant and women’s wedges for an ultra-cute look that will have you feeling elevated and elegant, and ready for a movie premiere, a date, or the tree lighting ceremony downtown. Grab a drink with friends afterward to give them their cashmere gifts hand selected by you with love.

For even colder nights, throw on a cashmere turtleneck. Lots of heat can escape from the nape of the neck, but not with a turtleneck. Provide coverage to keep yourself toasty even on those harsh winter evenings. Cashmere pairs beautifully with dark wash jeans for a classic, trendy look that will get you compliments everywhere you go. For added pizazz and warmth, pair with a fashion scarf and a winter fashion hat like a beanie or matching cashmere hat (extra points for a hat with a fluffy pom).

For another perfect winter look, a cashmere top is just right with a wool or flannel-style skirt or jumper. Pair the look with black tights and a winter fashion boot for a cute, dressed-up look that will be versatile all winter long. Whether you’re going to a work party or last-minute Christmas shopping, this ’fit will work.

Cashmere is perfect as a gift because it can be paired with so many different bottoms and dressed up or down. And cashmere doesn’t just end with tops. It makes for a great natural fiber for gloves, hats, scarves, and socks—for softness all over! Don’t be afraid to combine cashmere with joggers or sweatpants for a casual, warm look.

The Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List

Cashmere is the gift of the century because it looks good on everyone and adds an extra layer of warmth without adding the bulk of other sweaters. Cashmere’s lightweight quality makes it the perfect layering piece to add to any wardrobe. It’s warmer, softer, and doesn’t have the bulk of a wool sweater. That’s because of the fibers’ nature; they’re finer and more delicate.

The other incredible mention is that cashmere is long-lasting. It will be there for you and your loved ones next season, the season after, and after (you get the gist)—gift with confidence this year, with cashmere for everyone on your list.


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