What Makes a Great Pair of Gloves?

What Makes a Great Pair of Gloves?

Gloves — we love them, we lose them, and sometimes we struggle with them. So what makes a great pair of winter gloves? A pair that is right for you, your style, and your activities. Let’s look at the options.

Fit is Key

Your gloves must fit right to be comfortable. The proper way to measure for sized gloves or mittens is to measure around your dominant hand at the fullest part around your knuckles (excluding your thumb). Make sure to use a tape measure instead of estimating. If you are glove shopping in a brick-and-mortar store and can try on the gloves, take a few minutes to move your fingers around to see how the gloves fit. Make a fist, make a gripping motion like you are driving a car, and see how far the gloves move toward your wrists. If you wear your nails anything other than super short, make sure to consider how the gloves will feel when your nails are at their longest and loveliest. Will the gloves still be comfortable? Secondly, think about how they will fit with your favorite jacket or coat.

If you are ordering fitted gloves or mittens online, be sure to check the size charts (like the handy ones that Lands’ End has) and be aware of the return policy in case you need to go up or down a size.

Lining Matters

If you are buying lined gloves, make sure the lining is comfortable and of good quality. Cashmere lined gloves are the ultimate in luxury, but any soft, brushed interior lining can be great if the gloves are well made. The lining also affects the warmth of gloves, so if you live in a cold climate or plan to travel to one, keep the fabric content and thickness of the lining in mind.

Gloves Should Grip

Your gloves should create enough friction for whatever activities you will engage in. Leather gloves are popular for driving — and they look great with women’s wool coats, too. Have you ever seen driving gloves like the ones professional drivers wear? They are leather gloves that precisely fit the driver's hands and are designed with small holes to allow for moving the knuckles. You probably won’t be racing on a track any time soon but keeping a tight grip on the wheel is just as important around town or on the highway. If you opt for synthetic gloves, keep their gripping ability in mind. Some gloves have ridges built into the fingers or palms that help.

You Can Use Your Phone

Is there anything more frustrating than taking off your gloves in icy weather so you can respond to an important call or text? Many gloves have EZ-Touch™ index finger and thumb for touchscreens. When you are coming in from the cold or are parked in your car and need quick access to your smartphone, you will be glad that you have EZ-Touch™.

Classic Accessories

Knitted gloves are adorable and come in a color or pattern to fit your every mood. However, if you opt for knitted gloves, keep warmth in mind. Just because gloves look like they should be worn with your favorite outfit in the snow doesn’t mean they will keep you insulated for very long. However, some knitted gloves have a fleece lining that takes them from fashionable to full-on winter gloves.

Perfect for Snow

Walking through the snow is one thing, and playing in it is another! If you plan to ski, ice skate, or just play in the snow, consider waterproof gloves to go with your down coat and keep in mind our Expedition and Squall coats that have waterproof shells. They will keep you warmer longer and keep the fun going for hours. Don’t forget the winter hats either. You’ll need insulation from head to toe.

Mittens can be a great option. It’s a fact that mittens keep you warmer by taking advantage of the body heat from all four fingers bundled together instead of being separated as they are inside a pair of gloves. Mittens may not be the best choice for driving, but they are perfect for kids and incredibly practical for winter fun. With kids gloves and mittens, it’s always wise to have a backup pair. Chances are you lost some gloves or mittens as a tike. It’s only fair to expect the same thing from them. Have a contingency plan for keeping them cozy. Some parents like to buy two identical pairs, so if a single glove or mitten is lost, they can pull out a matching replacement (and have yet another mate if the other one gets lost).

Buy a great pair of gloves. Then get out there!


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