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What Color Swimsuit Is In Style?

Are you excited for swimsuit season? If your idea of heaven is playing on the beach while wearing a fabulous swimsuit, the answer is definitely yes. Every year, new swimwear trends emerge, and there are all sorts of exciting styles you’re likely to see this summer. Catch up on the coolest colors before buying a new suit, and you’ll know what to look for to stay current while showcasing your personal style.

Pretty in Pink

As predicted by Pantone, the pink trend is here to stay for a while. Expect tons of pink swimsuits this year, ranging from dusty rose to light pastel pink to bright magenta and every color in between.

With so much variation in shade and hue, everyone can comfortably hop on this trend. If you’re not into the loud fuchsias and neon pinks, perhaps a muted rose or a deep magenta is more your style. If you love the pretty and feminine feeling of a romantic light pink, you can further lean into this by pairing your pink swimsuit with a fun, flowing, and frilly long beach cover-up.

Preserve Those Precious Colors

Long hot days in the sun and repeated exposure to salt, sand, and chlorine can seriously impact the longevity of your swimsuit. Preserve the beautiful color of your new swimsuit by pre-treating it before wearing it for the first time.

To do this, combine two tablespoons of vinegar with a quart of cool water. Submerge your swimsuit in the mixture and let it soak for 20 minutes to half an hour to seal in color and keep it from fading over time. This trick can also be used for swim shorts and rash guards.

Embellishments and Details

Keeping in line with this year’s hyper-feminine, romantic, and balletcore style and fashion trends, in addition to soft pinks trending in the swimwear world, we will see these types of romantic and girly embellishments and details on swimwear as well.

From fine details and embellishments, such as cross-stitched patterns and crocheted pieces, to tankini swimsuit tops with frills and buttons, we love the way this feminine and romantic style is taking over swimwear.

Mermaidcore Galore

Speaking of fun, girly styles making a resurgence this year, another way this trend is affecting the swimwear world is by adding a bit of fantasy and whimsy in the form of mermaid-inspired colors and accessories.

Expect to see lots of turquoise two-piece bikini bathing suits, one-pieces in shining shimmering scale-like fabrics, and accessories such as wraps and cover-up resembling fishing nets.

All That Glitters: Swimwear That Shines

Speaking of shining, shimmering splendor, metallic swimwear in gold, silver, and copper is still on-trend this year. This year is your time to shine. These bold, shining pieces also pair beautifully with this year’s trend of pretty pinks, so accessorize accordingly, and don’t be afraid to be bold.

Care for Your Swimwear

Chlorine is a color killer and can fade your gorgeous swimsuit. Reduce the damage it can do by showering before jumping in the pool. Make sure your suit gets soaked through, which minimizes the amount of chlorinated water it can absorb. When you’re done swimming, rinse it in cold water right away to remove any chemicals. This is especially important if you want to invest in the hand-knit or crocheted swim top trend this year.

Sporty Styles in Bold Colors

Sporty, 1990s-inspired swimwear is back this year. Wear these pieces in big and bold primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. In addition to the sporty style being incredibly stylish and trendy, some of these athletic pieces are also wonderfully smart and practical. Invest in a rash guard to hone in on this style while also adding extra UV protection to your swimwear collection.

Getting Groovy in Swimwear

Calling all hippie chicks: tie-dye is here to stay(for now). With a chilled-out, bohemian feel, tie-dye works in a variety of shades and cuts, like a bikini with shades of intense pink and purple or something awash in dreamy pastels. This trend is good in almost any color you can imagine, so think about what looks best on you and give it a try. Add a few ankle bracelets and a woven beach tote bag to complete your look.

Correct Color Care

Never put your swimsuit in the washing machine if you care about its color. Even a trip through the delicate cycle can destroy Spandex and Lycra and sap a suit’s color, too. Instead, hand-wash your swimwear in a sink filled with cool water and a splash of shampoo. Add some vinegar to remove odors, if needed, and gently work the soapy water into the suit before rinsing it and laying it flat to dry.

With so many new swimwear trends to choose from, there is a style out there for every beach body.


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