What Kind of Blanket is Best for You?

What Kind of Blanket Is Best for You?

Blankets are one of the most versatile pieces in your home. Not only can they be used to snuggle with on the couch or in bed, they can also be used as décor. Utilizing blankets in your home is a great way to add some color and pattern to a room and make a bit of a statement. You’ll want one that feels cozy, but also looks clean, so when it’s left out or thrown over a piece of furniture, it will look like it’s meant to be there and has a function.

What’s the Difference Between a Blanket, a Comforter and a Duvet?

A blanket is more of a covering. It’s a single layer of fabric designed to be an added throw. Blankets are more portable and can be used as an extra layer in bed or in the living room. Comforters are thicker and fluffier, and are designed more to function as bedspreads. They are larger than blankets and have two layers of fabric with insulation in the middle. Comforters are typically warmer than blankets. Comforters also usually cannot be machine washed, while blankets can, depending on the fabric. In addition to blankets and comforters, another option is a duvet. Similar to comforters, duvets are fluffy and cozy and function as a bedspread. Duvets are an insert made up of internal fill, but the caveat is, duvets require a cover. So, if you’re choosing a duvet, you will also need to purchase a duvet cover separately. The draw to duvets over a comforter is that the cover can be easily washed, and you can change out the cover quickly and easily if you want to change the style of your bedding or match it with your supima cotton sheets. In summary, comforters and duvets are used for bedding, whereas blankets can be used in multiple different rooms of your house.

What Material Is Best for Blankets?

Blankets come in a variety of different fabrics, including wool, fleece and cotton. Which material is best for you will depend on your needs. Are you looking for a breathable blanket that can adapt to different temperatures? Do you need a blanket that can be machine washed? Also consider the look you are going for. A wool blanket is a popular material used for blankets. It’s one of the warmest materials, but still has breathability and can absorb moisture. A fleece blanket is similar to wool, but isn’t as heavy and dries quickly, though it’s not as breathable.

What Is the Warmest Material for a Blanket?

Wool blankets are the warmest. Wool holds warm air in due to the spaces between the fibers. Down is also a good choice if you’re looking for warmth, or if allergies are an issue. It’s thinner and lighter than a down comforter, and traps warm air without being too heavy.

Are All Wool Blankets Itchy?

Wool blankets have the reputation of being itchy, this is true. But not all wool blankets are! Merino wool is a soft fiber that is finer than traditional wool, making it less itchy than some other wools. The level of scratchiness in wool depends on the quality and how the wool is spun. The higher the quality, the less itchy the wool will be.

What Are Cotton Blanket?

Cotton blankets are a great year-round option that are lightweight enough to be used in the summer and warm enough for the winter. Cotton blankets are breathable and soft, making them great for cuddling. Cotton also washes very well and is durable. Cotton blankets come in a large assortment of colors and patterns, so you can easily find one (or more!) to match the aesthetic of your home.

How Do You Customize a Blanket?

Lands’ End offers personalized throw blankets, great for giving as a gift or for creating something with a personal touch for your home. Add a monogram or an embroidery design to your throw blanket on landsend.com.


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