What Jean Style Is Right for You?

What Jean Style Is Right for You?

Shopping for women's jeans has always been notoriously tricky. There are dozens of styles and colors out there, and it can be difficult to narrow them down to find a pair that flatters your figure. What's the secret to finding a pair that moves with you?

Recognizing what works well for your body is an important step in the right direction, but it's also important to put those jeans to the test. It's crucial to perform a fit assessment to ensure that you're comfortable not just when you pull them on, but as you move around and go about your daily business. The last thing on your mind as you navigate your schedule should be how uncomfortable your jeans feel. Here's how to make sure you're wearing the perfect style for you.

Begin With the Fit

Even great-looking jeans will do you no favors if they don't fit like a dream. When you put them on, they should fit comfortably–not tightly–around your waist and hips. Sit down and inspect the way the fabric changes. If it bunches up around the zipper or the waistband produces a serious gap at the back, then you're not wearing the right jeans. Although belts can certainly help cinch in the waist and create a more defined look, you should be able to wear your denim without a belt just as easily.

Pay attention to how your jeans feel around the thighs. Are they snug and constrictive, or do they feel relaxed and easy? Ideally, the fabric should hug the skin but not to the point of discomfort, and when you sit, the material shouldn't dig into your crotch. Remember that different styles will feature different leg silhouettes, so a more form-fitting approach won't apply to, say, a wide-leg trouser jean or so-called "mom" jeans.

All of these rules apply whether you're obsessing over a pair of skinny jeans or are interested in a more relaxed silhouette. "Skinny" jeans shouldn't be uncomfortably tight; they should be comfortably snug. By contrast, baggy jeans don't have to be so loose that they feel sloppy and unkempt; look for styles that have tapered legs and high waists to achieve an authentic vintage appearance that's in line with the trend.

Consider Your Many Options

It's no wonder people have such a tough time finding the perfect pair of jeans–there are just so many options. Where fashion is concerned, that's actually a good thing. But you should have some reference point so that you don't feel completely overwhelmed while you thumb through the racks or click through web page after web page of eye-catching denim styles. What's out there that's right for you?

High-rise jeans are universally flattering. They offer a slightly dressier take on denim and make it easy to elevate your most basic ensembles. To find your perfect style if you're on the shorter side, make sure to choose a pair that is made specifically for petite frames. Petite styles are designed to eliminate excess fabric that might otherwise bunch up at the ankles and change the effect of the look. Those with curvy bodies will love the high-waisted style for its ability to camouflage the midsection and create a sleek, streamlined look. High waists also look fabulous on taller frames, as the longer silhouette is in proportion with the body type.

Another classic choice is the humble straight leg jean. Not as form-fitting as their skinny counterparts but considerably less baggy than a boyfriend jean, the straight leg is an exceptional choice for both athletic and hourglass figures alike. It flatters petite bodies well because it doesn't have excess fabric, and looks just as flattering on a taller frame. If you love your curves and want to create a streamlined silhouette, straight-leg jeans will smooth things out beautifully.

The skinny silhouette is defined by a sleek construction that tapers at the ankle. Because you can snap up pairs with stretch in the fabric composition, it's easy to find styles that fit. That means everyone can wear skinny jeans! Those with hourglass and curvy figures look phenomenal in dark washes, while athletic bodies and petites may prefer a lighter wash to create a more defined look. They're easy to wear in numerous ways–with a laid-back tunic, with a polished blouse and a structured blazer, or with a sporty tee on casual days.

Boyfriend jeans are another contemporary favorite that earns rave reviews for their endless comfort and relaxed, off-duty appeal. It's difficult to resist the allure of jeans that pull right on and look just as great with a tank top and pumps as with sporty canvas sneakers and a cropped T-shirt. The style is defined by its loose fit, but it doesn't necessarily translate into a look that's completely laid-back, either. You can opt for more structure by slipping into jeans that have a little less stretch and cuffed hems. Otherwise, go for a more flexible fit.

For anyone who loves a great pair of curvy fit jeans, you can't find fault with either bootcut or flare bottoms. The latter has an exaggerated hem that resembles the jumbo bellbottoms of the 1970s. As these generally feature a longer length, opt for a style that won't graze the floor if you're petite. If you're tall, take into consideration the height of your heels so that you don't trip when you walk. For a more subtle approach, try the bootcut instead–both styles are phenomenal with fitted tops to create a balanced look.

Never underestimate the value of a great pair of reliable jeans. With these suggestions in your arsenal, you'll have a simpler time finding the pair that's just right for you.


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