What is Your Backpack Style?

What is Your Backpack Style?

Picking out the perfect backpack is kind of a big deal. After all, you're going to carry it every day and it has to be big enough to hold all of your gear, like books, soccer shoes and snacks. It should also look cool and help define your personal style. Don't get stressed out, though! Take this quiz and finding the right school bag will be a snap.

What Do You Enjoy Doing The Most?

  1. Staring at the night sky and watching the stars twinkle and shine.
  2. Anything from nature – animals, butterflies, you name it! If it's found in the wild, it's for you.
  3. Texting your friends and sharing the best memes and videos to crack them up.

At School, What Are You Most Well Known For?

  1. Your obsession with science, which has always been your favorite subject.
  2. Spending lots of time outdoors, because you're a natural born explorer.
  3. Having a great sense of humor – you're always making people laugh.

If You Could Pick Any Job, What Would It Be?

  1. An astronaut, travelling deep into space to unlock the mysteries of the universe while taking selfies in zero gravity.
  2. A biologist, studying different animals and creatures, from the cute to the creepy, and learning how they survive in nature.
  3. An entertainer, because whether you're acting, singing or dancing, you love performing for an audience.

What Kind of Bag Is Best For Your Lifestyle?

  1. Something you can zip open and closed quickly, because you're always on the go and don't have time to spare.
  2. A sport bag with padded shoulder straps and a water bottle holder for those weekend hikes.
  3. A roomy backpack with wheels for all of your trips and sleepovers, when you have to carry extra stuff around.

Now that you're done, see what letter you picked the most and find out what kind of backpack is right for you!

Mostly 1s:

There's nothing you like more than dreaming about a mission to Mars and watching a meteor shower, so you need a school pack with an amazing galaxy print that's totally out of this world. If you're always going online to check star charts and weather reports, you can also consider something which has a special pocket to keep your laptop safe.

Mostly 2s:

You love nature and think science is totally amazing. A colorful bag with a beautiful butterfly print is just right, but make sure it has adjustable padded straps for extra comfort. A loop to hold your lunch box will keep your hands free during long walks in the woods, too. When it's time to explore tidepools, try a beach backpack made from water-resistant fabric with a handy drawstring opening.

Mostly 3s:

Born to be the star of the show, you're a natural when it comes to making people smile and are known for having a colorful personality. Express yourself with a rolling backpack that you can customize with a funny emoji monogram for that extra touch. Don't know where the day will take you? Go for a packable bag that slips into a little pouch you can put in your locker and grab whenever you need it.

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