What Is Lycra XLife?

What Is Lycra XLife?

With clothing designers becoming more and more innovative, they’re crafting new materials and fabrics that better fit people’s lifestyles. One of those new materials, Lycra XLife, is prolonging the life of clothing. So, if you have anything that you tend to wear quite often and expose to harsh conditions, it will live longer in your closet if it has Lycra XLife on the label. And when you think of clothing that you subject to harsh environments, is there anything more fragile and vulnerable than a swimsuit? Not only is it fragile because it’s made with thin material and oftentimes thin straps, but it is also exposed to sunlight, chlorine, sunscreen, and abrasive materials. Let’s go over what makes Lycra XLife so unique, as well as why it makes for such great swimsuit material.

What’s Unique About Lycra XLife?

You’re likely familiar with Spandex if you have any type of workout clothes or swimsuits in your possession. It was created to have high elasticity and bounce right back into place after being stretched. Lycra XLife is a patented type of Spandex that not only has all the elastic properties of Spandex but also improves the durability of any fabric it’s woven into. When it comes to swimsuits in particular, Lycra XLife helps battle the breakdown of fibers that harsh elements can cause over time. In fact, Lycra XLife can actually make clothing last 10 times longer than unprotected fabric, so when it comes to swimwear, you can ensure your favorite suits will last longer than just one summer.

Lycra XLife Makes a Strong Suit

Considering how thin swimsuit material can be, it’s amazing when you think of everything it endures — at least everything it should endure. Especially if you’re active in your suit, you expose it to strong waves and currents, abrasive sand, chlorine, and sunlight. All of those alone can make it fade and stretch over time. When combined, your suit has even more to endure. All of the stretching it does when you pull it on and off makes it difficult for the fabric to stay intact and bounce back as it should. Lycra XLife can recover from all that stretching better than other fabrics. That means it won’t become see-through either, so you can wear it with confidence instead of always relying on beach cover-ups to save the day. And even though it is super strong, it is still lightweight, meaning it won’t weigh you down in the water.

Swimsuits Stay in Place With Lycra XLife

Isn’t it frustrating when you try on a swimsuit and it looks great on you, but then you wear it one time only to find that it’s no match for any type of activity? Even walking from your car to the beach while carrying your beach bag, you may find that your swimsuit straps are falling down or that your tankini top is riding up instead of staying in place. Oftentimes when that happens, it’s too late to return the swimsuit, and you’re left trying to make the most of it so you don’t waste your money. But if you think about it, you’ve already wasted your money since your suit isn’t working for you. That’s why it is so important to research the material your swimwear is made of before buying it, so you can make the right choice.

How to Ensure Your Swimsuit Has Lycra XLife

Typically, a swimsuit with Lycra XLife will have it listed right on the label. But if you’re shopping in-person, you know that sometimes tags go missing, especially if you’re purchasing mix-and-match pieces. Don’t just assume that your swimwear has Lycra XLife in it if you don’t see it on a tag that should be attached. Take the extra step of looking at the label on the back of the swimsuit to see what it is made of. If you see that it is about 75% nylon and 25% Lycra XLife, that’s perfect. You also want to make sure it offers UV protection, meaning it not only protects your skin underneath the suit but also will hold its color for longer and resist pilling. You know how annoying it is when your favorite swimsuit starts to pill and develops little dots of fabric sticking out all over it.

Lycra XLife is a name you’ll likely be seeing a lot more on swimwear. When you have to choose between a swimsuit that has Lycra XLife on the label and one that doesn’t, hopefully, it will be an easy decision to make.


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