What Is Hygge Style?

What Is Hygge Style?

Hygge style has taken the world by storm, and it’s not going anywhere. This unique concept has worked its way into people’s homes, clothing, fashion, and even lifestyles. If you’re ready to learn more about just what hygge is, why it’s become popular, and how you can incorporate the design and ideas into your own life, you’ve come to the right place. Just breeze through this quick and easy guide.

The Concept of Hygge Explained at a Glance

If you’re looking for a hard-and-fast definition of hygge, it’s not as easy as it may seem. The word itself is Danish and rooted in the Denmark-based concept that approximately translates to “coziness.” It involves feelings, ideas, and an essence that all relate back to a sense of warmth and comfort that goes deep down. To say that hygge equals happiness would be an oversimplification, but hygge itself promotes and stimulates a sense of contentment, happiness, and well-being. Originally from old Norwegian concept, hygge is related to the idea of all things good. If you’re looking for a word to express a sense of positivity, joy, and everyday ease, it might be hygge. It’s a kind of mood that has made its place in home décor, fashion, and everyday lives.

Hygge Style in Clothing and Fashion

Hygge style can be created in your clothing and fashion in dozens of simple ways. Since comfort and contentment are at the heart of the hygge concept, hygge fashions tend to be relaxed and comfortable, yet beautiful and breezy. You won’t find stiff, restrictive, or uncomfortable styles in hygge clothing looks. Instead, look for options like super-soft cashmere sweaters for women, floaty blouses, soft and comfortable denim, airy fleece, and oversized cozy sweaters. Incorporate items like chunky-knit fashion scarves, Sherpa jackets, loose tees, soft thermal tops, breezy dresses, and wide-legged pants. Just as it’s hard to define hygge as a concept in strict terms, hygge clothing styles aren’t restricted to a singular definition. If it looks and feels comfortable, it can help you create a hygge look.

Examples of Hygge-Style Outfits

If you’re looking to create a hygge-style outfit and aren’t sure where to begin, use these simple ideas for everyday inspiration. Try a slightly loose-fitting shirt dress paired with a soft sherpa blazer or zip-up sweater. Throw on a belted sweater with a pair of super-soft jeans and flat boots, or a knit cardigan with wide-legged pants and cute, comfy flats. Pair a cozy cashmere sweater with a long skirt or a breezy maxi dress topped with an unbuttoned shirt worn over top. Cozy flannel tunics and comfy leggings are a great example of a hygge outfit, as are a fitted turtleneck and cushy joggers. Fuss-free styles that feel as good as they look are keys to dressing the hygge way.

Hygge Style for the Home

Hygge style isn’t just for clothing. It can be incorporated in dozens of fabulous ways into home décor and design as well. There aren’t strict design rules; just let yourself be guided by the hygge idea to make your home look and feel amazing. You can go all-out with hygge in the home to create a full-on theme or just incorporate subtle elements for a soft hygge touch. Add in things like glowing candles and soft lighting, and arrange furniture in comfortable groupings to encourage a sense of gathering and togetherness. Use ample accents like cozy throw blankets, plush throw pillows, and super-soft rugs. upholstered furniture in soft unfussy fabrics, or add softness to furniture with slipcovers and fabric accents.

Consider jersey or flannel sheets to the bedroom and plenty of cozy bedding like down comforters and plush bed pillows. In the bathroom, bring in fluffy shower curtains, pretty bathroom rugs, and shower curtains in soothing colors. Accents like small succulent plants and natural décor also add to the hygge element. Inspirational wall art and fresh flowers also go a long way in creating a sense of hygge in the home.

Where Else Can I Incorporate Hygge Style?

Now that you know how to create elements of hygge style in your home and wardrobe don’t stop there. Bring it to your office, car, outdoor spaces, and much more. Add a mug warmer and some soft accent lighting to your office. Try sear covers in soft fabrics in your vehicle or an air freshener in a cozy scent. Incorporate outdoor rugs, comfortable patio furniture, or a cozy hammock into your outdoor space. You can even add hygge to your everyday accessories by using a textured zipper pull on your laptop bag or a soft fashion scarf as an accent on your handbag.

Hygge Style, Hygge Life

Hygge style channels all that is warm, comfortable, and cozy. When you use elements of hygge design in your clothing, home, and everyday surroundings, you’ll get the benefits of looking and feeling your best. Try some of these hygge style tips, and get ready to embrace all the simple moments in the best way.

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