What is Hygge and how do you bring it into your home?

What is Hygge and how do you bring it into your home?

Chances are, you've heard a lot about hygge. It seems like everyone is going wild for the Danish art of coziness, and we can see why. After all, there's nothing like enjoying the simple things in life from the comfort of your own home.

Up the coziness with candles

Start your hygge journey with candles. Place a few in strategic points around your living room, including the mantle and coffee table. Get some fleece blankets and a cup of tea (and maybe a cookie or two), and enjoy the gentle, flickering light once the sun sets.

Digital detox

There's nothing as soothing as a digital detox, even if it's brief. Put your phone on silent, grab your partner and enjoy a backyard picnic or an evening of stargazing on the porch with fresh popcorn. Stepping away from the din of news, social media, and texting will help you de-stress and enjoy life in the present.

Get comfy

You can't unwind in a stiff pair of jeans or a blazer, so take off the work clothes if you want to kick back. Next, tell the kids to pick out a book, slip into your flannel pajamas and jump in bed together for storytime. After all, hygge is also about bonding with the ones you love and enjoying cherished moments together.

Comfort food

In Denmark, gathering for a delicious homemade meal with friends is a favorite way to relax. This calls for comfort food, so ask grandma for her chicken pot pie recipe, or whip up a bubbling tray of macaroni and cheese. You'll also need something sweet for dessert, like a pie or banana bread.

Cozy up the bathroom

With just a few touches, a bathroom can feel like a sanctuary where you can escape the world. Start by choosing an understated color scheme with touches of cream, gray, and taupe before adding natural elements, like a row of plants on the windowsill. Throw a fluffy bath mat on the floor, place an essential oil diffuser on the counter and fill a wicker basket with bath towels to wrap yourself in after a shower.

Be a minimalist 

The Danes have a less-is-more aesthetic, and they don't like clutter. Try to keep your home tidy and give away anything you don't use to friends or charity. Paring down your possessions can be incredibly freeing, and it's easier to find peace in a space that isn't overwhelmed with stuff.

Add some greens

Do you have plants around your home? If not, they’d be a great addition. Plants help promote the hygge lifestyle as well. Being around other living things that make you happy is super important. Also, find ways to love the space and nature around you. Recycle, put birdseed out, pick up litter, etc.  

Work-life balance

Another part of this lifestyle is a good work-life balance. Especially in a time when many people have the option to work from home, you need to learn how to balance these two parts of your life. Having time to slow down and do the things that make you happy with the people around you is so important. It’s also important to not always be wired in, as we talked about above. 

Quality time

A part of being Hygee is about quality time with friends and family. It’s about having picnics with your kids on the lawn. It’s about a quiet dinner with your partner where you discuss your day. It’s about watching your sister’s favorite TV show with her. If you have experiences that make you feel like you’ve had the best warm hug, that’s the true feeling of hygge.

At the end of the day, try to remember that you can't really buy hygge. It's all about finding happiness in friends, family, and the things you love, so decorate with items that have a special place in your heart. A rustic chair from your grandfather's house, or a honeymoon souvenir will fill you with warmth in a way few things can. So, don't hide your treasures away.


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