What Is Boho Chic, And Is It Right for Me?

What Is Boho Chic, And Is It Right for Me?

Are you funky, artsy, fun, flowy, stylish, and down-to-earth? Then boho-chic may be the next style choice you ought to try. Many people turn away from the boho-chic look because they think it’s a little too hippie or grungy for them, but think again. Boho-chic is everything interesting and unique about the bohemian style while still maintaining the chic and sophistication of classic fashion.

No matter your age, boho-chic is an every-age kind of look. Unlike many fashion trends that come and go every season, boho-chic has stuck around, and women of any age can look fabulous wearing it. Don’t believe us? Perhaps it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and see how you can integrate some of the creative and flowy vibes of boho-chic into your style.

Bohemian Chic

The word “boho” is actually short for the French word “Bohemian.” Originally named for the gypsies who traveled across Europe from Bohemia, the word later evolved to include writers, artists, musicians, actors, and creatives who traveled a lot and led nomadic and unconventional lifestyles. Today, bohemian is more of an adjective that describes an aesthetic style that takes its inspiration from the free spirits of those in generations past. Bohemian-chic is a modern style that is eclectic, worldly, and down-to-earth.

Drawing on inspiration from the Bohemians of the last century, this modern look also loves to incorporate vintage and ethnic pieces from across places and times. Both a fashion statement and a home décor style, boho-chic allows your unique creativity, self-expression, and inspiration to flow through your sense of fashion and décor in a relaxed and down-to-earth way. Interesting in giving boho-chic a whirl? Or, ready to up your boho-chic game? There are some iconic boho-chic pieces and styles that you should try when looking to integrate more of this fun and creative look into your everyday style.

Maxi Dresses

The iconic staple of the boho-chic wardrobe is the maxi dress for women. These long flowing beauties exemplify the free spirit and glam that boho-chic is all about. Regardless of your style, age, or body, you can definitely find a maxi dress that’s perfect for you. Choose a maxi dress with an interesting cut, unique details, or playful colors and prints to capture the bohemian flair. Look for geometric or nature-inspired prints and lace detailing to really get the look. The maxi dress is also comfortable and versatile. Street-savvy, elegant, relaxed, and down-to-earth, a well-styled boho maxi dress will have you looking effortlessly chic.

Maxi and Midi Shirts

Like maxi dresses, maxi skirts and midi skirts are a staple to any boho-chic queen’s closet. Plan to have at least a bunch of these babies in all cuts, styles, patterns, prints, and colors. Err away from tight-fitting and synthetic materials. Instead, lean into flowing cuts, slits, wrap skirts, tulip skirts, and natural fibers. Also like maxi dresses, boho-chic maxi skirts and midi skirts exude a special kind of confidence and allure. Versatile, comfortable, and compelling, you’re sure to turn heads with these boho-chic necessities. Many mature women tend to tone down their look as they age, but we say (in perfect boho-chic fashion), own your maturing beauty, and don’t be shy about wearing these gorgeous and flattering boho-chic pieces. For petite women who worry that maxi skirts will make them look shorter, wear your skirt on your waist to create the visual of more length, or wear with block-heeled ankle booties for a little more height. We promise you’ll look stunning.

Colorful and Eye-Catching Prints

Boho-chic is all about the ethnic, unique, and eclectic done well. Don’t be shy about wearing bold colors, interesting prints, ethnic patterns, and unique vintage or worldly pieces. Boho-chic is all about having the confidence for self-expression through your style. If you’re not sure what your boho style is, perhaps look in your closet or a local vintage shop for prints and patterns that you are drawn to. Also, look around your home for inspiration as to what features make up your personal aesthetic.

Loose and Flowy Tops

Breezy, effortless, and comfortable are what come to mind when thinking of classic boho-chic tops. Cute little crop tops are also the perfect boho-chic top and look great with a pair of high-waisted jeans or a skirt. If you prefer some coverage around the middle, then opt for strappy comfy cotton cami tank tops. Women’s cotton tank tops are a classic boho-chic look that can be worn to give a little softness and ease to any outfit. Peasant style tops, loose and interestingly cut long sleeves, and off-shoulder t-shirts are also all great picks if you’re looking for a boho-chic top to add a little bohemian flair to your closet.

Oversized Knits

Slouchy, chunky, cozy, and comfortable are all great words to describe the perfect boho-chic sweater. Add an oversized knit to your look to give it that relaxed and well-layered boho-chic flair. Cardigans and sweaters are staples for any aesthetic, but to capture the boho-chic look, look for pieces that have lacy knits or fringes and are asymmetrical or oversized. These sweaters also make great layering pieces that are perfect to wear all year long. Wear an oversized cardigan sweater over your favorite cotton tank top and with a pair of comfy flared jeans and ankle booties for the perfect laid-back boho-chic look.

Eclectic Accessories

Boho-chic loves eclectic and classy accessories. Think, fedora hats, oversized sunglasses, layered jewelry, and printed fashion scarves. Even if you’re not about to jump fully on board the boho-chic train, at least explore some of this style’s accessories as a way to add a creative and compelling dimension to any outfit.

Boho-chic isn’t just for artists and hippies. It is a well-loved and fashionable style that has been around in various shapes and forms for decades. Let your free spirit fly, and try some of these boho-chic pieces. You won’t be disappointed.

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