Why Do We Call It Squall?

We get it. Every time you reach for your beloved Squall Jacket you can’t help but wonder why we named one of our warmest, best-selling winter jackets after a violent gust of wind guaranteed to bring on nasty storms of rain, snow or sleet.

Lands’ End designed the Squall Jacket with the worst weather in mind to ensure that you were prepared for anything those cold winter winds blow at you. Made from a durable, waterproof, windproof nylon shell, the Squall Jacket is designed to keep you dry. And our Cozy ThermaCheck fleece linings and tried and trusted insulations bring the warmth on those cheek-numbing cold mornings. No two storms are exactly alike – which is why our Squall Jackets come in a variety of versatile designs. From Squall System Shells and 3 in 1 layer coats to stylish Squall bomber jackets and sleek Squall rain coats, there is a Squall coat guaranteed to get you through every winter storm imaginable.

So why did we name it the Squall Jacket? Honestly, because a true squall is a mighty wind. But not nearly as mighty as our Squall Jackets. And don’t you want the fiercest protection you can get this winter? We thought so.