What Every Man Should Know About the Different Types of Jeans

What Every Man Should Know About the Different Types of Jeans

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a man who doesn’t have a pair of jeans in his closet. These reliable pants have been a staple of fashion for as long as anyone can remember. And it’s easy to see why. They’re comfortable, long-lasting, and stylish to boot. Men’s jeans look great on everyone and can be worn with pretty much anything. They're easy to dress up or down to suit a variety of occasions and events. Jeans also offer unmatched durability. They can withstand daily wear and tear and only require occasional washing.

When it comes to shopping for new jeans, the task can seem a bit overwhelming. There’s so many different colors, fabrics, and styles to choose from nowadays. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide on the top jean fits for men. Read on to discover everything you need to know about traditional, straight, slim, athletic, and comfort waist jeans. We've also included styling suggestions to help you put new looks together.

Keep it Classic with a Traditional Fit

Every wardrobe needs a pair of jeans cut in a traditional fit. Classic, relaxed, and comfortable, they’ll deliver effortless style for many years to come. Traditional fit jeans made from 100% cotton are durable and easy to care for. Since there’s no stretch in this heavyweight fabric, the jeans drape in a flattering way. They sit comfortably at the waist. The legs are straight through the hip and easy through the thigh, tapering slightly at the knees. This timeless fit works great with a men’s T-Shirt. You can also rock these jeans with sweaters and hoodies — they're so versatile, really any top can work! Finally, throw them on with a pair of sneakers for an easy casual look.

Elevate your Look with a Straight Fit

Sometimes you need a pair of jeans that’s just a bit smarter-looking than the average pair. Straight fit men’s jeans offer the same comfort as traditional jeans in a more sophisticated cut. These jeans sit lower on the waist and are straight through the hip, thigh, and legs. Straight fit jeans usually contain a hint of stretch in the fabric for comfort. It’s a flattering fit that appears a bit more professional. You can definitely get away with wearing them to work, especially pairs in darker washes. Style them with a polo shirt, a leather belt, and brogues for a smart-casual look. Even try dressing them up with a buttoned shirt, blazer, dress shoes, and a tie.

Refine Your Wardrobe with a Slim Fit

If a refined look is what you’re after, go for a pair of slim fit jeans. Like straight leg jeans, they sit low on the waist, but the leg openings are much narrower. Slim fit jeans are slender though the hips, thighs, and legs. They're usually made from stretchy fabric, so they’re also durable and flexible. This cut gives you a streamlined look without restricting your freedom of movement. Slim fit jeans can be dressed up or down to create different looks. If you’re heading to brunch, for example, style them with a men’s polo shirt and fashionable sneakers. For a night on the town, pair them with a dress shirt and leather shoes or boots.

Stay Active in an Athletic Fit

Look no further than athletic jeans for a pair to match your active lifestyle. The fit of these jeans is trim, but not tight, with extra room in the hips and thighs. This provides a comfy feel and a clean look. Athletic fit jeans also feature a hint of stretch for added wearability. For a bit of flair, look for pairs with special design details, like leather patch logos or cool stitching. To create a laidback, warm-weather look, roll up these jeans and pair them with a muscle tank and slides. You can also rock them rolled down with sneakers and a tee. In cooler weather, throw on your athletic fit jeans with a hoodie or sweatshirt and a pair of men’s boots.

Enjoy Ease of Movement With a Comfort Waist Fit

For jeans that feel more like sweatpants, you can’t beat a comfort waist fit. Featuring an elasticized waist, these jeans won’t pinch like regular cuts sometimes do. They’re just as presentable as regular jeans but much looser in the fit and feel. They sit neatly at the waist, run straight through the hips and thighs, and taper slightly towards the hems. Comfort waist fit jeans are both relaxed and flexible. You can style them just like you would any other pair. For a quick, casual outfit, throw them on with a tank top layered underneath a button-down or flannel shirt. Just add a pair of slip-on sneakers or high-tops and you're good to go!

From traditional cuts to comfort waist fits, plenty of men’s jean styles are available to suit your needs. No matter which you go for, men’s jeans will always deliver on comfort, style, and durability. These classic wardrobe staples can be worn in any season for a variety of events and occasions. Find your best fit and enjoy creating plenty of unique looks.


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