What Four Essential Items Do You Need When Camping?

What Four Essential Items Do You Need When Camping?

Who doesn’t love a good camping trip? Whether you’re setting up camp in a dense forest or at the edge of a lake, one of the positives of camping is that you’ll be away from the daily responsibilities of home life. No more staring at screens for something to do—the woods can provide plenty of entertainment. Getting away from city or suburban life is a great way to get the kids unplugged and spend quality time with you.

The flip side is while you’re away from home, you have to cover the basic needs that your home meets… shelter, food, water, clothing, a stove to prepare the food on, glasses for drinking, a comfortable place to sleep… the list goes on.

When camping, you have to be like the sea crab carrying its shell—you’ve got to carry it home with you. You must prepare to meet all these same basic needs in your home, but with portable versions. Setting up a campsite requires a little bit of forward-thinking, but as any experienced camper knows, it’s totally worth it. To make the packing process a little easier, we’ve thought of 4 essential items to pack in your duffle bags for your next camping trip.

Be Sure to Pack These Must-Have Items

One of the best parts of camping is getting to be active in the great outdoors, and at Lands’ End, we know the importance of high-quality women's activewear when getting your camp on! Scroll through our collection to find moisture-wicking, ultra-comfortable shorts, sun-protecting jersey knit skorts with extra stretch, slimming pocket leggings, and much more. These pieces will be perfect for whatever wooded walks or water excursions the days hold for you.

One of the things that make packing for a camping trip tricky is anticipating the weather. While during the day you might be sweating your socks off, nights can get cooler than expected, which is why we highly recommend bringing a women’s fleece jacket just in case. This fleece features a cozy stand-up collar and an anti-static, anti-pill finish that will make this high-quality piece last for many camping trips to come. Just picture yourself by the campfire sporting this comfortable and versatile garment—comfy, warm, and unaffected by any cool breeze that might arise.

The next must-have item is a pair of camp sandals. Trust us, any midnight walk to the bathroom is going to be a more pleasant experience if you can just slip on a pair of women’s Reef sandals instead of fumbling around looking for socks and hiking boots. Don’t forget the flashlight to avoid camping hazards like poison ivy. Researching the plants, insects, and animals of a new camping spot is a great way to get to know the area and ensure the safety of you and your crew.

Kids are great kinesthetic learners, which means that while camping, the trees, rocks, and water are the classroom around them. Many campgrounds and hiking trails will have maps, photos of local wildlife, and signs educating campers about notable features specific to the area. Make it a group effort treasure hunt by encouraging the kids to spot specimens of the wildlife they saw on the billboard photos. Talk about the habitats and lifecycles of the plants and animals in the area, and encourage your kids to ask questions and form hypotheses about what they see.

The final must-have item we’d like to highlight is the toiletry bag. The beauty of the toiletry bag is that it holds the personal care items vital to your comfort and cleanliness. We have the best travel accessories to help to streamline your camping experience by consolidating the self-care necessities like medication and soap. Plus, our toiletry bags are monogrammable—how cute!

A Happy Camper is a Prepared Camper

In order to be a ‘happy camper’, you’ll want to cover some staple survival items. Basic kitchen supplies include items like water, food, means of preparing food, dishwashing supplies, utensils, bowls, a cooler, a tablecloth, and sealable containers. Other necessities like a survival knife, medications, toiletries, bug spray, chairs, firewood, and sunscreen will make a big difference in improving comfort on your trip. Packing shelter gear such as the tent, a tarp, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, blankets, and warm, rainproof clothes will go a long way in keeping you dry and comfortable.

While we hope your camping experience goes off without a hitch, there are many variables to consider, and challenging moments may arise on the trip. That's why we say packing strategically is vital, but equally imperative is bringing a positive, go-with-the-flow attitude. Some say nature is the best medicine—so put it on your list to take some big deep breaths of fresh air and have a blast.


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