What Does It Mean to Be "Lands' Friendly"?

When I get ready for a hike I pack the essentials: water, sunscreen, rain gear, a good snack, and sometimes a book in case I find a natural reading spot along the way. I don't need much more than what fits in my backpack. I wear the proper attire too: hiking boots or shoes, a light shirt, and of course pants. It's me and the trail and to get outside into nature is such a privilege that I wouldn't trade it for a better laptop, a better car, or a better landscape. For me, it's important to not only admire what we have in nature but to be a better steward of a land that deserves its sublime longevity. Being Lands' Friendly can give future generations an equal opportunity to visit the beauty in our natural world.

Lands' End founder, Gary Comer, once said: "Worry about being better: bigger will take care of itself." When a company can take steps to do its very best, valued customers get to participate in the same goal. As Lands' End increases its efforts to be sustainable, you get to take part in that too. Whether it's treasuring those flannel shirts for years to come or volunteering in your town, one step toward bettering your own habits eventually impacts on a much larger scale.

While Lands' End can't change the habits of the entire industry, it can provide a good example and become a leader in its own community. Bettering oneself makes it easier to help guide others toward a common goal.

What Can I Do to Be Sustainable and Lands' Friendly?

Where would we be without the therapeutic gems of our land, our nature, and our ability to escape from the bustle?

When you're heading out on a hike or to the lakes, be aware that you are entering a timeless place. Remember that past generations hoped that someday their grandchildren would understand the great value of this scenery. It's about picking up after yourself and cleaning up messes that others may have left. Sometimes you might see trash along your hikes, shake your head at the person who would litter like that, and walk on. Instead, carry a small trash bag with you and pick up plastic bottles, caps and bags. Anything you do will change the way somebody else experiences that same trail.

And in your daily habits, keep in mind that your purchases are also going to have an impact on the environment. Look for clothing made by companies that practice green habits. Use reusable water bottles. Keep recycling. Use a canvas tote instead of a plastic bag for your groceries. Donate your old clothes rather than throwing them away. When it's not absolutely freezing outside, try biking to work or biking to do your errands. Set timers on your heating and air conditioning. Bring a friend with you on a hike. Show them your favorite trail. You'd be surprised: not everybody gets a chance to see their own environment.

Small steps lead to greater things.


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