What Are The Most Comfortable Men's Boxers?

What Are The Most Comfortable Men's Boxers?

So you answered "boxers," when peppered with the classic "boxers versus briefs" question. But now there's another question you may be asking yourself: what are the most comfortable men's boxers?

As it turns out, this topic is ripe for discussion. Not all boxers are alike and can be quite different depending on the fabric. Most boxers tend to be made from cotton, particularly from broadcloth, flannel, or a cotton blend.

It is difficult to select any one of these fabrics and claim that they are the most comfortable. Rather, it comes down to a matter of personal preference and whatever it is that the wearer himself feels most comfortable wearing.

Every one of these fabrics come with their own advantages, and to better explore the unique properties of each we will explore them in greater length below. Finding the most comfortable boxer shorts doesn't have to be difficult, and gets easier every time once you know which style suits you best!

Broadcloth Boxers

Broadcloth is perhaps the most common material used to make boxers. There's a good chance that if you've worn boxers in the past, they were made from broadcloth.

But what precisely is broadcloth? Broadcloth is a smooth combed cotton known for its finer weave and lighter weight. The lighter, finer quality of broadcloth makes it a great choice for both underwear and dress shirts. It stands in stark contrast to heavier, coarser oxford cloth.

However, don't assume that broadcloth is delicate just because of its fine quality. Like other fabrics made from 100% cotton, broadcloth happens to be highly durable. You can count on it to withstand repeat washing and dryings (a must for underwear) and became softer with time.

Broadcloth also has a uniquely classic appeal. If you're someone who values tradition, broadcloth is most likely the best choice for you. To rack up even more points on the traditional side of things, you can even have your broadcloth boxers monogrammed with your initials.

Flannel Boxers

Flannel is also a 100% cotton fabric, typically made from ringspun cotton. But what sets it apart from broadcloth is its brushed quality. Flannel is brushed on both sides, which gives it a soft texture. That same soft hand feeling that makes flannel blankets such a comfort in wintertime also extends to flannel boxers.

But the brushed quality of flannel does more than just feel soft against the skin. When flannel is brushed, it raises some of the fabric's fibers. These raised fibers are more likely to trap heat, making flannel a natural insulator. This is precisely why you'll see flannel employed in so many fall and winter articles of clothing, from men's scarves to men's sweaters to men's flannel pajamas.

For those reasons and more, flannel boxers are an excellent choice during wintertime. You may not wish to wear them through July and August, but during the fall and winter months, they will prove a welcome addition to your underwear rotation.

Flannel boxers are often available in a plaid pattern. While those plaid patterns may not increase comfort, it's hard not to enjoy a good buffalo check pattern in the midst of wintertime.

Cotton Blend Boxers

Modern innovations in fabric design mean that 100% cotton boxers are no longer the only option under the sun. Cotton blends incorporate other fabrics into their makeup, such as modal and spandex.

The benefit of including synthetics like modal and spandex is that they can make for a boxer that retains the feel of cotton while introducing performance features like moisture-wicking and stretch. Modal is known for its ability to wick away moisture, which can keep your boxers feeling fresh for longer. Spandex can introduce a touch of stretch into the fit, which increases the comfort factor and allows the boxers to move with you.

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