What are the Best Travel Clothes for Vacation?

What are the Best Travel Clothes for Vacation?

They say that a vacation officially beings with the journey—but we’d back up the timeline even further and argue that it begins with packing. Packing gets a bad rap, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience if you enter it with a winning game plan. It’s with that spirit that we’d like to introduce the best travel clothes for vacation.

You probably guessed that jeans were going to make the list, and you were entirely correct. Jeans continue to be an ultra-versatile, All-American workhouse of an item that can pair with virtually any ensemble and absorb the levels of dirt, stains, and sweat that can sometimes accompany travel (and could easily put a pair of light-colored khakis out to pasture far before you reach your final destination).

A less obvious—though no less useful—option is the flannel shirt. It’s a casual piece of clothing and comfortable to wear, yet it’s not quite as casual as the ubiquitous T-shirt. Better yet, if you opt for a pair with front chest pockets you can use it to stash sunglasses, Chapstick, tickets and more.

If there’s even a remote chance of rain showers during your next getaway, be sure to invest in a rain jacket. After all, it’s easier than toting an umbrella through security.

Having a jacket that resists rain is certainly useful, but you’ll also want a jacket that serves as an extra layer of warmth. For that purpose, make sure that you have a fleece jacket on hand that can easily be tossed over anything from a tunic to a turtleneck.

Yet fleece should not be the only layering piece in your arsenal. If wherever you’re headed is more likely to be warm during the day and just a touch cold during the evening, you’ll be served well by a simple cotton sweater. If you expect temperatures to drop further at night, bring along a cashmere sweater as an insurance policy against post-sunset chills.

Yoga pants are a particularly versatile outfit when it comes to travel. If you think that your time on holiday may involve exercise, a pair of yoga pants paired with a t-shirt will provide you with an instant workout outfit. But even if you aren’t expecting to encounter a yoga seminar during your jaunt, a pair of yoga pants can provide much appreciated comfort during a long train or plane ride.

Speaking of comfort, the same role can be played by sweatpants, which can pull double-duty as convenient loungewear once you’ve made it to your destination.

But nothing defines loungewear as much as a pair of flannel pajamas. Whether you plan on sleeping in or waking up early to finally get caught up on your favorite blogs and websites, doing either in a pair of soft pajamas will go a long way to making the experience feel special.

That’s enough talk about loungewear and pajamas, because if there’s one piece of clothing you don’t want to be without when circumstances demand it it’s a pair of winter boots. Even the best of vacations can be hobbled by the inability to pack proper footwear, and the failure to bring shoes that can withstand wet sleet and slippery sidewalks can endanger the entire experience.

Up to this point, our list has been entirely concerned with clothing. That’s not surprising, considering that it’s an article titled “What are the best travel clothes for vacation,” but it is missing one key accessory that’s not worn anywhere on the body. We are of course talking about the canvas tote.

Why strap a heavy backpack to your shoulders to hold your laptop or fresh new souvenirs when you can do so with your much-worn canvas tote? It makes a fantastic carry-on, and if you get yours monogrammed you can ensure it won’t be picked up by a confused fellow passenger mistaking it for their own baggage.

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