The Best Mother's Day Gifts of All Time

The Best Mother's Day Gifts of All Time

With Mother's Day quickly approaching, your thoughts have probably turned to finding the perfect gift to show how much your Mom means to you. She works hard to take care of you, keep you safe, and showers you with unconditional love. In turn, you want to show her how much you appreciate everything she does for you.

When searching for a gift, you want to choose a thoughtful one that reflects her unique and special personality. Try and avoid run-of-the-mill presents and look for creative ones that she will treasure forever. If you feel that finding the perfect gift is a bit daunting, then here are a few great ideas for finding the best Mother's Day gifts ever.

Personalized Jewelry

What mother doesn't love receiving jewelry? Instead of shopping at the mall for a piece this year, choose a customized piece. Personalized jewelry is timeless and never goes out of fashion. The personalized pieces can be a ring, necklace, bracelet, or even earrings.

Monogrammed pendants are quite popular and you can have her initials engraved on a heart-shaped one to show your love for her. Another great idea is to have a pendant with separate circles or rings hanging from the chain. You can have the name of every family member engraved on each circle and she can proudly wear her necklace showing how intertwined the family is.

A loving message can be inscribed on a bangle or cuff bracelet so can look at it and feel inspired and loved every time she sees it. Think of how much Mom means to you and have that thought engraved on a piece of personalized jewelry.

In-Home Spa Basket

Moms work hard every day and they rarely take the time to relax. A perfect gift for her would be a basket filled with lovely products for her so she can have an in-home spa day. First choose a unique container to hold the items in, such as a beautifully crafted wicker basket or a small, artfully-decorated suitcase. Use your creativity!

Carefully arrange products such as bath salts, facial masks, handmade fragrant soaps, a body brush, moisturizers, and lotions. To help her relax even more, add scented candles, a sleep mask filled with dried lavender, some cozy shearling women's slippers, and a CD with soothing, calm music. Your mother will cherish these hand-picked items and her relaxing experience will linger for days.

A Beach Basket

Even Moms like to enjoy a day at the beach. A fun gift for your water-loving Mom would be to take a gorgeous Lands' End canvas tote bag and fill it with fun and relaxing goodies to enjoy while lazing at the beach or pool.

A fun romance novel will keep her busy and intrigued. Add a water bottle mister filled with either rose or lavender water to help keep her face hydrated and cool. Add a beach towel with a festive print, a pair of flip-flops, and a cute beach cover-up and she will want to stay at the beach all day long.

Luxury Teas and Tea Sets

Quality teas make a wonderful gift for Mother's Day. The best part of making a gift basket for the tea lover is the wide range of teapots that you can choose from. You can go traditional with a pot that has a classic rose or floral pattern and add matching teacups and saucers. For a more contemporary teapot, choose one that has an asymmetric or geometrical shape with interesting shaped ceramic teacups. You can even find tea sets that have a whimsical animal design with matching cups. The combinations are endless!

Pick a variety of elegant tea bags filled with delectable loose leaf tea. Put in a box of Lady Gray tea for a traditional tasting tea, a box of assorted herbal mixtures, and creative concoctions that combine unique flavors, such as dried coconut, hints of chocolate, and Russian black tea. Mom will think of you every time she has a pleasant cup of tea.

A New Dress

Nothing makes a woman feel more beautiful than a gorgeous new dress. Put a smile on her face when you give her a colorful, fashionable dress. You can find gorgeous summer dresses at Land's End that are perfect to wear while on vacation. Or find a colorful maxi dress and add a pair of earrings and a necklace that complements the colors found in the dress. Make sure you peek in Mom's closet first so you pick the right size for her.

Honor your mom this Mother's Day with thoughtful gifts that she will cherish. Gifts are a wonderful way to show your appreciation for everything she has given you and will continue to do for you. The main thing to do on Mother's Day is to shower her with kindness, love, and the respect that she so very much deserves. Happy Mother's Day!

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