What Are Back to School Essentials?

What are back to school essentials?

It is that time of the year again! Whether your kid is starting kindergarten or is on the way to their last year at high school, back-to-school comes with plenty of excitement ... and likely some jitters. But having confidence-boosting clothing and accessories goes a long way in getting kids inspired for the school year.

A Cool Backpack

There is nothing that gets kids pumped up to head off to school quite like super-cool gear. That all starts with their backpack. Shop kids backpacks that fit with your child's unique personal style to give them the confidence they need to take on the first day of school.

Whether your kid loves solid colors, subtle patterns, or graphics like a scene from outer space, a cool backpack will let them show off their personality each day. Oh, and a sturdy backpack will make mom and dad happy, too. Just make sure you get one big enough to hold the rest of those back-to-school essentials.

A Few Essentials

Stave off first day jitters (for parents and kids alike) by preparing a few essential items before your kid heads out the door. If it's a new school, make sure all the needed paperwork is prepared and completely filled out ahead of time. Think about providing a map if it's a big new place, a school schedule so they can stay on track if they have to switch classrooms throughout the day, and assigned reading lists.

The usual school supplies like pens, notebooks, and art supplies are also key. Let your child choose their supplies to give them inspiration for actually doing the work. But it's not just the stuff for the classroom that you need to keep in mind. If your kid has allergies or needs other medication, make sure that's packed — and that teachers are aware of your child's needs. Finally, write out emergency contact information for you and other family members. Work, home, and secondary contacts are all important to have on hand.

Some Powerful Snacks (and Lunch)

Slip some snacks into your child's lunchbox or backpack to keep them going throughout the day. Healthy yet tasty snacks like bananas will keep kids fueled up. Give them a lunch you know they'll actually eat on the first day! A note they can find tucked in also adds a nice touch.

A New Jacket

A new jacket might seem like a boring choice, but hear us out! While it might not be super chilly right when a new school year starts, it will get colder quickly. Not having to scramble to find a jacket that fits but that your kid loves could be challenging in a pinch. So, let them pick one out when you go back-to-school shopping. While you're at it, browse gloves, boots, and hats to make sure that they are all set for the colder weather. They will thank you later when the cold weather hits and they are toasty and warm while looking great!

A Confidence-Boosting Back-to-School Outfit

Getting kids ready does not have to be a struggle, especially when they love their clothes as much as you do. Push away some of those butterfly-inducing morning moments by picking out the outfit the night before. If their school has a dress code, make sure you're following the requirements but also let your kids pick colors or accessories that will highlight their own style. No dress code? No problem. Just stick to clothes that are both comfortable and keeping with your child's tastes. When kids love their clothes, the possibilities are endless.

If the weather's a little iffy on the first day of classes, make sure your kids have clothes they can wear as layers so they're sure to stay comfortable throughout the day. Girls cardigans and boys sweaters are always a sure bet. Layer with button-down tops if the school leans a little dressier (or if your kid just wants to dress up!), or pair with graphic tees if casual outfits work where the kids go to school. And make sure they have comfy shoes so their feet aren't aching by the time they make it back home.

Once your kid has settled on their top, it is time to pick a bottom that gives them ease of movement while still playing up their fashion sense. Boys jeans always a sure bet if their school doesn't have a strict dress code, and denim goes well with a variety of shirts. If there's a dress code in place, a sleek pair of black or navy pants can work wonders, and they're versatile enough to match with many of your kid's favorite tops. Alternately, kids might opt for a skirt or even a dress if it's time to go dressier.

The key here is making sure kids are comfortable as well as confident in what they are wearing. Kids want to look good on their first day of classes, and there's no reason for them to wear clothes that make them feel uncomfortable. That will only distract them from learning!

And Then, Some Photos!

Whether your child's school takes class pictures on the first day or you're just taking your own photos, take a few moments to commemorate the day. Before you know it, these school days will be over, and both you and your kids will enjoy looking back on their past first days.

Getting kids ready with clothes and other essentials for the start of a new school year sets them up for success. Thanks to stylish kid’s clothes and backpacks (not to mention snacks) that keep them inspired throughout the day, your kids will feel prepared for whatever the first day brings.


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