5 Essential Clothing Pieces You Need for Your Weekend Getaway

5 Essential Clothing Pieces You Need to Bring on Your Weekend Getaway

When it comes to weekend travel, you should be able to pack your bags and hit the road quickly. The key to a successful weekend getaway is creating a travel wardrobe that provides lots of options to mix and match, so you’ll have an infinite number of possibilities. These weekend getaway clothing essentials are designed to help you pack light and have a worry-free weekend away.

The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Never leave home without your favorite pair of women’s jeans. Jeans go with virtually anything and can be worn multiple times, making them the ideal choice for weekend travel. Pack your favorite jeans that keep their shape and don’t cause discomfort. The last thing you want is to be yanking on your pants all day long while you’re away.

Select jeans that suit your body type. Curvy fit jeans have extra room in the hips and a slightly higher waist to show off your best assets. Sportier women will want a pair of more fitted jeans, so they don’t get lost in the fabric. Flared jeans are a great option for taller women, as they make you appear slightly shorter. Smaller women should opt for a high-waisted pair of jeans; a higher waistline draws attention upwards, elongating the legs and making you appear taller.

Bathing Suits for Your Body Type

Even if you aren’t headed out to a watery hot-spot, it’s always a good idea to have a few bathing suits for travel. For active swimmers, look for suits that keep their shape and have athletic features, such as stay-in-place technology so you don’t have to worry about any accidents while you catch a wave. Beach loungers have much more versatility and can select swimwear that shows off their personal style.

Either way, the first rule about swimwear is feeling good in it. One-piece swimsuits are all the rage, including a modest swim dress that’s perfect for any body type. Get the support and confidence you need with plus-size bathing suits that have an underwire, or strut your stuff with a cute triangle bikini. The best swimsuit for your body type is the one that makes you feel like a million bucks, so don’t be shy about trying both modest and scanty swimwear. After all, your weekend getaway is all about you!

Versatile, Do-Anything Basics

Another staple for your travel wardrobe is an array of basic tees and tanks. These go-with-anything travel essentials can be worn for multiple days or mixed and matched to create fresh looks on the go. Select a complementary color pallet that goes with other items in your suitcase, such as pants, sweaters, and button-down shirts. Select different cuts such as slouchy V-necks, high neckline tanks, and basic scoops. The result is a look you can quickly dress up or down, while still staying comfortable. Merino wool works wonders to keep sweat stains and smells at bay, allowing you to wear the same shirt multiple times without having to worry about embarrassing smells or stains.

Warm, Packable Jackets

If you’re headed to climates with variable weather or cooler climates, a packable jacket is a must-have item on any packing list. Jackets should be able to handle a variety of conditions, so you only need to pack one and be done with it. Packable jackets tend to compress into smaller spaces, making them an ideal choice for carry-on-only weekend warriors. Be sure to also pack a compressible rain jacket for those unexpectedly windy and rainy days. Many rain jackets can be packed into their pockets, taking up virtually zero room in your bag.

The Night Out-fit

For urban getaways, it’s essential to bring along a night-on-the-town outfit that makes a statement. Keep it classic with a little black dress in a unique cut that brings plenty of style. Pair it with heels or versatile flats. Black jeans are another going-out staple that can easily be dressed up with a glamourous blouse or dressed down with a cute flannel shirt, making it an adaptable essential for your travel needs. Either way, you’ll want a dressier outfit so you’re ready for wherever the night takes you.

When it comes to weekend travel, having a do-anything, mix-and-match wardrobe delivers all the fashion essentials without taking up too much room. The result is a worry-free weekend where you’ll look and feel like a care-free jet setter. Say goodbye to bulky, heavy suitcases with these travel wardrobe essentials and hello to a weekend of fun and adventure.


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