5 Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

5 Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

Of all the winter scarves, the blanket scarf is one of the stylish ways to stay warm during cooler months. Usually thicker and wider than your normal scarf, a blanket scarf differs because it's more of a square than a long rectangle. In essence, it looks like a mini blanket but is made to offer a chic and sophisticated edge to your look.

A blanket scarf takes the best aspects of scarves and shawls and creates an all-in-one cozy and chic accessory to add to every outfit. They're versatile as you need them to be. You can find blanket scarves in any fabric, from cotton to wool, and all colors, from solid to plaid to prints. Similarly, there are so many ways you can wear a blanket scarf, and we've listed some for you to start exploring.

1. Classically Cute

Loop it around your neck the way you would any of your other women's winter scarves. You can play with a more relaxed wrap or go for something that builds structure around your face. A blanket scarf gives you more room to experiment with shape because it has a bit more substance and material than regular cotton or pashmina scarf.

For a looser look, let one end drape down your front, just a little diagonal rather than straight down. Take the other end and throw it over the opposite shoulder so that it falls down your back. Adjust for comfort and take a proud look in the mirror. Don't you look glamorous?

2. Dazzingly Draped

If you're a straight-forward dresser and don't have the patience for intricate styling, this next one's for you. Especially if you feel like a wrapped scarf restricts your neck's movement, draping is the way to go. It still provides a ton of warmth to drape but gives you tons of movement too.

All you need to do is bunch your blanket scarf a bit in the middle and lay it across the back of your neck, letting both sides drape down your front. Make sure each side is about the same length for a balanced look. If you want optimal coverage for that extra hug of warmth on cooler days, spread each side of the scarf as wide as they'll go across your body, turning your blanket scarf into a semi-shawl.

3. Belted Bliss

Bet you hadn't thought of belting your scarf before. We're here to tell you this is the look to try next. This trick is best worn with a women's long sleeve top and a pair of dark wash women's jeans rather than something super flowy. The sharp lines from your outfit underneath will highlight the shape you're creating with your belted blanket scarf.

Do this one in front of the mirror the first time or two to get the shape just right. Start with your blanket scarf draped over your shoulders, letting the sides fall loosely across your front. Outstretch your arms so you know you can move them easily, and then try cinching the scarf at your waist. Depending on the size of your blanket scarf, you'll probably want to play around to find the exact angles you'll feel most comfortable in. Once you've found the right spot, grab a women's belt you love in a color that will complement your scarf and belt with confidence.

4. Kerchief King

Men's fashion doesn't exclude accessories. One of the best ways to style men's scarves is an effortlessly cool kerchief tie. First, fold your scarf into a triangle. It doesn't need to be exact, but since your blanket scarf is more of a square than a rectangle, it'll fold really easily into the shape you're looking for.

From there, pick up the blanket scarf on both of the corners on the longest edge of the triangle. Take both corners and tie them behind your neck. Just be careful that you don't tie it too tightly — this should be a pretty relaxed look. Adjust the tips of those edges so they fall underneath the body of the scarf, or leave them out. You should get a cowboy kerchief vibe, just as perfect for a hike as it is for a trip to grab a quick coffee.

5. Confident Cape

A bit of a mix of a few of the stylings we've already covered, this one is aspirationally one of the most fashionable and strong looks. Similar to the kerchief steps, you'll turn your blanket scarf into a triangle by taking diagonal corners and folding the scarf over. Take the corners from there and lift so the tip of the triangle is facing the floor. Wrap around your body so that the body of the triangle falls over your upper back, and the corners you're holding point toward the ground down your front.

You should have enough of the corners draped in the front so that the scarf doesn't slide down your back when you walk around. Still, this is one you'll need to pay more attention to, as it may shift and lose shape throughout the day. Is it worth it for how confident you'll look and feel? We think so.

The best thing about blanket scarves is that you can wear the same one in a different way every day of the week. While we've outlined five ways to do it, you can take each outfit as an adventure in fashion with your blanket scarf. Have fun and keep it light — your scarf will do all the heavy lifting, keeping you feeling warm and looking effortlessly cool.


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