6 Ways to Welcome Fall into Your Wardrobe

6 Ways to Welcome Fall into Your Wardrobe

Fall is a wonderful time of year! Not only is the air crisp and the leaves are turning beautiful colors before our very eyes, but also there is fall fashion! Let’s look at some ways to welcome fall into your wardrobe.

Fall into Cute Colors

Fall is a great time to mix up the colors in your wardrobe. From rich pumpkin colors to burgundies, to fun pop colors like hot pink, fall is a great time to choose a new women’s sweater that makes you look and feel great.

While you're playing with color, take another look at your neutrals, too. Would a rich cream, a midnight blue, or new charcoal add some versatility and a fresh look to your fall neutrals? Taupe is another great option for fall. For a sophisticated and striking look, choose a great neutral and wear it from head to toe.

Fall into Classic Combos

Do you love fall blazers? We do, too! Consider pairing a classic blazer in tweed with a women’s turtleneck sweater and leggings, jeans, or dress pants. A pair of black dress pants and black flats will create a great “base” for a colorful blazer with a turtle, blouse, or shell.

Fall is a natural time to go for a preppy look. Whether you have been on campus recently or that was in a different season of your life, indulge in the rich fabrics and classic patterns like herringbone or houndstooth for a classic look.

Fall into Layering Looks

Layering clothing in fall has two great advantages—form and function. While enjoying beautiful fall looks, by layering, you will be setting yourself up for comfort by being able to adjust the warmth of your outfit up or down with the weather (both outdoors and the climate-controlled kind). A cardigan sweater is the perfect fall wardrobe staple. Opt for a classic neutral like cream, taupe, grey, or black for a third piece that you can wear almost anywhere. Cardigans are also the perfect pop color garment. Start with a neutral palette from head to toe and then add a beautiful hue to top it off.

Layering can include outerwear, too! A cozy hoodie or women’s fleece jacket will look stylish while keeping you oh so comfy from the cool weather. It’s a great idea to stash an extra jacket in your car as well as keep one handy in your entryway or mud room. The key to looking and feeling great in fall is to make sure your clothes work with you for both fashion and insulation.

Fall into Flannel

Did someone say flannel? Yes, please! This softest of soft fabrics is perfect for fall. Fall into a flannel shirt and your favorite women’s jeans if you want to be both comfy and stylish. You can wear a flannel shirt on its own, over a tank top, or under a winter vest or jacket.

While you're getting out the flannel, don’t forget how cozy flannel sheets, pajamas, and robes feel next to your skin. Why not chase away the chill with some new home goods, as well?

Fall into Waffle Weave

We love a waffle weave because it's soft and cozy, and looks soft and cozy. For the perfect fall addition to your wardrobe, treat yourself to a new waffle knit shirt. It's the perfect easy top-off for jeans and a great first layer under flannel shirts or down vests.

If you would like a waffle shirt that will go with everything, choose white (or a winter white like ivory). Black and navy also make great neutrals for waffle shirts. A pop color waffle shirt is an instant outfit when you pair it with jeans or a cozy pair of sweatpants. If you work from a home office on some days, waffle shirts can be a great part of your WFH wardrobe, too.

Fall into Cozy Coats

It may only be fall, but that can change quickly (at least in Wisconsin it can!). Make sure to plan for a warm winter coat. Fleece vests can be a great transition piece for outerwear, and can be layered under coats, too. A fleece vest can take you from chilly to cozy in 5 seconds flat.

While you're planning a coat for yourself, it’s a great time to do an outerwear inventory for the whole family. Does everyone have a comfy jacket, a warm winter coat, a hat, gloves or mittens, and boots? Start with what everyone had last year. By knowing what you have, what will work for this year, and what you need to give to charity, mend, or toss, you’ll know what you need to add to make a comfy transition to cold weather.

Have a fabulous time welcoming fall into your wardrobe!


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