9 Ways to Wear Flannel

9 Ways to Wear Flannel

The flannel shirt is America’s favorite laid-back shirt. Worn by icons like Marilyn Monroe and reminiscent of '90s grunge, flannel has touched just about every corner of American life over the last century. Its charm seems to be tried and true, and flannel shirts are a staple in just about anyone’s wardrobe. Flannel is no longer reserved for lumberjacks and farmers. It has become the newest rustic chic fashion statement that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Classic, comfortable, and versatile, there are so many ways to wear flannel.

With Skinny Jeans

The classic go-to chic way to wear flannel shirts is with a pair of skinny jeans. The shape-hugging silhouette of skinny jeans perfectly matches and balances the loose and laid-back look of a flannel shirt. Keep it casual by wearing this look with a pair of sneakers, or make it a bit dressier by opting for black jeans and a pair of ankle booties.

High-Waisted Pants

Show off your shape and curves by wearing a flannel shirt with high-waisted jeans or pants. Tuck the flannel shirt into your jeans or pants so that your waist shows, and so do your curves. This is a great way to add a little more sophisticated flair to your flannel look while also adding more length and shape. Dress your outfit up a bit by opting for block-heeled boots and choosing a lighter-colored flannel.

Under a Sweater

Think classic preppy but with a rustic twist. Wear a flannel shirt under a pullover women’s sweater for a fashionable play on this perennial look. Opt for a slightly oversized sweater that hangs a bit off your figure to give your flannel shirt some room. Style it so your flannel can peek out from the beneath through the bottom, sleeves, and neck.

With a Vest

Take rustic chic up a notch by wearing a flannel shirt underneath a vest. There are truly so many ways you can dress this look. Stick to an outdoorsy and hike-savvy look by wearing a flannel beneath your fleece vest. Otherwise, make it a bit more stylish by choosing an old-school puff vest or another fashionable vest style. Take it to a cottagecore dimension by wearing a pullover knit vest over your flannel shirt for a super trendy look that is great worn with a pair of booties and skinny jeans.

With a Slip Dress

Who said flannel shirts only could be worn as shirts? Whoever turned flannel shirts into an accessory is clearly a genius. A dressier outfit, such as the classic slip-style black dress, can be dressed down to laid-back status by just wrapping a flannel shirt around your waist and donning a pair of sneakers. The flannel shirt cinches the waist a bit and accentuates your shape while also being readily available as a great throw-on option if you happen to get cold throughout the day.

Over Leggings

A boyfriend-style or oversized flannel shirt looks tres excellent when worn over a pair of leggings. The longer flannel offers some coverage around the bum, turning it into a sort of tunic shirt. With this extra coverage, you’ll feel more confident wearing your leggings out and about. This look may sound like your most laid-back possibility, but it’s actually a potentially rustic chic look. Wear with a pair of leather riding boots or heeled boots to dress this look up in a way that’s perfect for heading out the door.

With a Skirt

Wearing a flannel shirt with a skirt is a perfect fall look. Wear your flannel tucked into your midi skirt with a pair of booties and a leather jacket for the ideal fall daytime to nighttime look. Flannel shirts also look incredible worn with pencil skirts and mini skirts. While you can let your flannel shirt hang out for a more casual look, it definitely looks classier to tuck in your shirt to show off your waist and curves and to add a more flattering shape to your look.

Over Shorts

For the perfect outfit to transition from summer to fall and wear on those warm early-autumn days, wear your favorite flannel shirt over your summer women’s shorts. We love how easy and effortless this outfit is and how it offers you the freedom of summer with the coziness of fall. Wear with a pair of sneakers or booties, and you’re good to go.

Others Ways to Flannel

Did we mention flannel doesn’t just have to be worn as a shirt? If you love flannel as much as we do, then you might get excited to learn about all the other ways to integrate flannel into your wardrobe. If cottagecore or rustic chic is your jam, then perhaps you’ll want to add some more flannel to your closet. While flannel makes excellent pajamas, robes, and bedding, it can also be made into other streetwear favorites.

Flannel skirts, for example, are a cute throwback to the '80s when long flannel skirts were a thing. Whether you’re going for midi or mini length, a flannel skirt can be one of those fashion statements that can make a trendy impression. Another great way to bring flannel into your look is with a flannel jacket. This can be in the form of a flannel or flannel-lined jacket that will bring more plaid, fuzz, and rustic flair into your daily look.

Flannel is a forever favorite, and the more ways we can wear it, the better.


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