5 Effortless Ways to Wear a Cashmere Sweater

5 Effortless Ways to Wear a Cashmere Sweater

As the beginning of fall approaches us and the temperatures start to drop, some of us may be pulling out our favorite cashmere sweaters and cashmere cardigans for the best time to wear them. Many of us have the issue of sitting in a warm office while it is absolutely freezing outside or others may struggle with the issue of being able to see your breath in the fresh air in the morning but come 2 p.m., be sweltering. Both of these issues are different but also the same. There are so many ways to dress up or layer a cashmere sweater so you are prepared for whatever the weather channel didn't mention. Here are five effortless pro tips on how to feel flawless every fall day in your sophisticated and luxury cashmere sweaters.

1. Dark Skinny Pants, Chunky Cashmere Incorporated With Color Block Heels

Whether you're heading to work or meeting your gal pals out for dinner, the easiest, most classically elegant way to dress up your chunky soft cashmere sweater is to wear dark slim pants and add a colorful pop to your outfit, which is best displayed with what many people notice first–your shoes. There is a huge misconception where people believe that colder weather means darker colors, but adding that pop of color is a huge stand out in today's fashion industry. By wearing darker skinny jeans, you compliment your curves and make the transition from day to night much more fashionably easy.

2. Animal Print Jackets

The latest trend all over social media and throughout the fashion world is the iconic animal prints from leopard to zebra to even the Cruella de Vil dalmatian polka dots. That being said, whether you are feeling fierce in cheetah or a bit black and white; layering your cashmere sweater with an animal print jacket will not only make you warm but it will also make your sophisticated basic cashmere sweater fun, sassy, and tastefully classy. With the added advantage of being warmer with a printed jacket over your dressy sweater, it also makes it easier to cool off when you are in your office working or in a restaurant enjoying your dinner.

3. Cashmere Scarves

As easy as it sounds to wrap a scarf around your neck, it is actually quite a skill. When choosing the right scarf for your cashmere sweater, you have to take into account color/material, tying style, and occasion. You wouldn't want to wear a furry scarf to a work meeting, would you? There are so many ways to tie a scarf, but the most common go-to tie is to just wrap it around your neck with both ends hanging over your chest. This is an effortless way to dress up your cashmere sweater, especially if the colors you match it with complement each other! Again, this is another key factor when layering for the fall and winter months, so you'll be prepared for whatever the daily temperature has in store for you.

4. Skirts Are In!

A major key to autumn is the timeless skirt whether it's a midi or mini–you decide! It really is true that fashion comes around twice. It seems as if the 1960s mini skirt with a cashmere sweater is making its comeback. Mix a fitted or chunky cashmere sweater with either a midi or a mini skirt paired with booties for an easy mid-week outfit that boosts confidence and adds a little sass to your workweek. When choosing the right skirt to wear with your cashmere sweater, evaluate the material and pattern that you are pairing it with. Many influencers are incorporating satins and tweeds into their winter wardrobe, which works wonders with the right dressy sweater. Not only can this style be considered casual but it can also be appropriate for the workplace; for example, a pencil skirt with tights and a chunky sweater is the perfect match for a November workday.

5. Lazy Glam Day!

Is it freezing outside and you aren't in the mood to put in the effort but still have a trillion things to do? The perfect go-to look for this kind of day is to throw on your favorite soft cocoon-like blanket cashmere sweater and your favorite pair of jeggings with the comfiest booties you own. Put on a little lipstick, throw your hair in a messy bun and you are good to go! Whether you are a busy mom, a student, or even a teacher, this look is beyond effortless but still put together for your busy errand-running day. Dress it up or keep it casual, this versatile outfit can get you anywhere.


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