Ways to Transition Your Winter Boots to the Spring

Ways to Transition Your Winter Boots to the Spring

Investing in a good pair of winter boots is always a smart idea—after all, this is the footwear that’s going to keep your feet warm and dry as you endure all that the winter season has in store. Along with your warm winter coat and accessories, waterproof leather boots, sleek ankle boots, and knee-high boots are all popular and timeless winter boots to have on hand when you’re getting ready to leave the house. Add these with a thick pair of wool socks and thermals to protect your feet no matter what the weather throws at you.

Who says you have to pack these winter boots away once the snow begins to melt and you see signs of spring? It’s possible to get even more mileage out of the boots by transitioning them to spring. Boot lovers, get creative, and don’t worry about putting your winter boots in storage just yet. Here are three ways to easily turn your winter boot look into a cute and comfortable look for spring.

How to Transition Your Winter Ankle Boots to Spring

Ankle boots are a perfect transitional boot with their lightweight body and versatile nature. They help add a little style to practical winter looks and give a sleek touch to winter outfits that risk seeming overly bulky. Their adaptable character makes them the perfect boot to transition to spring. Their delicate shape pairs just as well with your spring wardrobe as your winter one. Throw on a pair of ankle boots with lightweight, high-waisted cropped pants to add a little height and show off your ankles and calves for the warmer season. Ankle boots pair just as well with a spring dress of any length, particularly with a shorter dress. This look adds a little height and sophistication to an easygoing spring dress, making it perfect for work or an event where you want to be comfortable and a little dressed up. Ankle boots look just as lovely with a flowing or form-fitting skirt or even a pair of casual or formal shorts. The low cut and slight heel are super flattering for the legs, so show them off this spring!

How to Transition Your Waterproof Boots for Spring

Whether you’re working with a pair of classic waterproof duck boots, rugged hiking-style boots, or lightweight leather boots, it’s easy to repurpose them for the kinds of conditions spring brings, rain or shine. One thing winter and spring have in common is that they’re big on precipitation—spring even more so than winter. So don’t stow away those waterproof boots when the temperature begins to rise because they’ll definitely come in handy!

When there’s rain in the spring forecast, pair your winter waterproof boots with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. Tuck them into your boots for maximum dryness and protection. Add a sleek rain jacket and umbrella to your ensemble and you’re ready for everything from a light shower to a downpour. Waterproof winter boots are especially great for rainy spring days because they’re stylish and sturdy and a little warmer than the average rain boot for some of those surprisingly cold spring days.

The secret to transitioning your hiking boots or lightweight leather boots from winter to spring is simple: Just add denim. A skinny or straight-leg jean is perfect for adding a little style to your rugged boot for spring, as is a fun pair of jean shorts. Spring hikes are perfect with leggings as well, so get creative with turning your outdoor winter look into an outdoor spring one!

How to Transition Your Knee-High Boots for Spring

Knee-high leather boots are great for winter, especially paired with a pair of extra-tall socks, tights, or thermals. They keep an often neglected part of the body super warm when the temperature drops. But you may love them even more for spring when they add a more grounded, earthy element to the bright and flowy styles popular for the season. Add a pair of tall leather boots with a maxi dress to transition winter boots to spring. Also try rocking knee-high boots with a short dress, skirt, or shorts for a mod '60s look that lets your outfit shine.

There’s no reason to think you need to buy a whole new slew of footwear come spring—winter boots are often more flexible than you think. Pair them with your spring staples and keep your feet protected from rainy weather in style, or take your casual spring look up a notch with a leather heel. It’s all about getting creative.


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