4 Ways to Successfully Surprise Someone This Valentine’s Day

4 Ways to Successfully Surprise Someone This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might already be struggling to find gift ideas. Sometimes an experience is much more romantic and can come off as infinitely more thoughtful than a physical gift. How can you surprise your loved one with an elevated date night experience? The key is to think about how you can celebrate your love in a way that is meaningful, relaxing, and enjoyable for both of you. Here are a few ideas on how to successfully surprise someone this Valentine’s Day!

Let Food Be the Ingredient That Binds You Together

The gift of relaxation and a good meal after a long day is a priceless way to surprise your loved one. For this Valentine’s Day, you could stay in and order your partner’s favorite takeout. A takeout dinner at home upgraded to a deluxe setup is a thoughtful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one. If ordering food is a regular occurrence for your usual date nights, then you could order a variety of food from a few of your partner’s favorite places. They will be pleasantly surprised with a platter of their favorite treats. This will show your partner that you want to share an experience with them that includes some of their food favorites in the comfort of your own home. An extra lavish touch could include you wearing your special occasion dress and dress to the nines just for one another. You can also add music or candles to create a romantic ambiance.

If quality time is your partner’s love language, then cooking your shared favorite dinner with them could elevate the night for both of you. This is a simple yet very meaningful way to spend the evening. If you are up for a challenge then you could try making something new for the first time. If you decide to try a new recipe, be sure to have a backup plan just in case things go south (maybe have a good takeout option readily available). Regardless of the outcome, your partner will appreciate the time you spent together working closely as a team. The element of surprise could be the wine you choose to pair with the meal or a delectable dessert you only have on special occasions.

Dining Out

If you and your partner appreciate going out for dinner, then a classic restaurant date at your favorite place will surely be appreciated. The surprise could be reservations at a particular place. You could even surprise them by stopping somewhere for drinks before dinner or dessert at a different location afterward. Having dinner at a nice restaurant is timeless, but adding something different can enhance your Valentine’s Day date. Wearing your best dress and your best men’s suit for the occasion is of course another romantic element.

Staying In

Are you looking to surprise your partner with something after dinner? You could plan a wine and paint night with just the two of you. Curl up in the living room together with some cozy blankets and throws and get creative together. This is a great idea even if you do not consider yourself artistically gifted. Paint by Numbers kits are easy to find and include all of the colors you need for your masterpiece. If you are up for a challenge, you could find a video online and follow a painting tutorial. The canvas, paint, and brushes can all be easily found at a craft store in your area. Of course, you could opt for a freestyle paint night where you let your creativity run free. This is a great way to end your Valentine’s Day evening if you are staying in for the night. Instead of wine, you could try making cocktails or mocktails to enjoy while painting.

The Adventure Never Stops

Another great way to surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day is through a gifted experience that you both can enjoy. Do you enjoy outdoor activities together? You could purchase a gift certificate for two people to enjoy zip-lining or horseback riding. A gift certificate for an adventure will be an exciting activity that you and your partner can look forward to. If you both are looking for indoor activities, then you can opt for a couple’s massage or attend a couple’s yoga class. This could be the opportunity to take that salsa class you both have talked about before. You could even sign up for classes at local art studios that offer pottery lessons. The surprise in this gift is the invitation to explore and try something new.

No matter what you decide to do this Valentine's Day, remember it isn't about the money you spend or the gifts you give or receive but about celebrating your special connection with your special someone.


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