7 Ways to Spoil Your Dog During the Holidays

7 Ways to Spoil Your Dog During the Holidays

We get it — your dog is part of the family, and you want to make sure your sweet furbaby enjoys this festive season as much as you do. In addition to traditional dog gifts, like treats and dog toys, you can spoil your dog during the holidays with cozy gifts to keep your pup comfy. Additionally, you can pick up wearable dog gifts that ramp up the fun when you’re taking family photos that include your dog in its matching outfit.

Dog Hoodies

Soft fleece dog hoodies offer your pet a cozy layer of warmth. Fleece fabric construction makes these light jackets easy to maintain. Plus, fleece jackets are a nice thickness for your dog to wear on mildly chilly days. The fabric is breathable to help prevent overheating, but it delivers enough warmth when it starts to get cold to keep your pup from shivering in the cold. As a holiday gift to spoil your dog, consider adding a puffer jacket to layer on top of the hoodie if you live in a really cold area.

Dog Bandannas

Need something to spoil a pet that tends to stay warm? You can still dress a dog that overheats easily by choosing a personalized bandanna. You have a lot of options with bandannas, too. You can match your pet’s bandanna to one of your outfits or your holiday pajamas. This type of matching looks adorable in holiday photos, and your pet is sure to feel like the center of attention when everyone is admiring how good it looks all dressed up for the holidays. Additionally, you can match a dog bandanna to another type of garment for your pup, such as a knit sleep shirt or flannel shirt.

Personalized Dog Bed

Dogs sleep about 12 or more hours per day, so giving your pooch a new personalized dog bed for the holidays is a sweet way to offer a gift that's sure to get a lot of use. Add your pet’s name, and choose a bed that matches the way your furbaby likes to sleep. Flat rectangular beds are nice for dogs that like to stretch out when sleeping. Orthopedic beds are helpful for pets that get stiff when sleeping and have limited mobility. If your dog prefers to sleep curled up, consider a round or oval bed with a bolster to make it feel secure at bedtime.

Dog Sleep Shirt

Wearing matching pajamas when opening holiday gifts is a fun tradition in some families. If your family enjoys this trend, your dog can join the fun with a stretchy knit or flannel sleep shirt that matches your family’s holiday pajamas.

Dog Winter Jacket

When temperatures drop and winter winds make everything chilly, you can spoil your pup with a thick winter dog jacket to keep it comfortable. Options include puffer-style vests and jackets for your dog, as well as expedition jackets with back pockets you can use to keep a treat for your pup, or to store things you need when you take your dog for a walk. You can even match your pet's jacket to your own for an extra special touch.

Festive Holiday Dog Sweater

How about one more "matchy-matchy" idea for spoiling your dog this holiday season? Everyone wearing holiday sweaters with bold seasonal decorations is a popular party theme. This year, your dog can be part of the fun with a festive holiday sweater that matches yours. Think of the cute photos you’ll take together, and think how cozy your sweet pet will be in a cute holiday dog sweater.

Christmas Dog Carriers

One of the things dogs love the most is simply being with their owners. So gifts that make it easy for them to go along when you go out are great for spoiling dogs. Christmas dog carrier let your pet ride along in style. Details like shoulder straps make it easier to carry your dog, and an inner hook that attaches to your pet’s collar keeps it safely in the carrier. These easy-to-clean carriers also have firm, water-resistant bases to make your pup feel secure.

Your dog might not understand the significance of holiday gift-giving, but it’s sure to feel the love when dressed in a warm sweater or flannel shirt on a chilly day. And, items that increase its comfort, like a plush new bed or a comfortable carrier can enhance your pet’s quality of life, and what feels better than knowing you made life better for your loved ones, including your furbaby.

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