7 Ways to Spice Up Your Summer Outfits

Seven Ways to Spice Up Your Summer Outfits

Have you been wearing the same summer basics for multiple years in a row now? Are you ready to spice up your summer wardrobe with some fun and fantastic summer dresses and trendy swimsuits? Before you head to the mall to hit the fast fashion stores for cheap summer trends, try these simple tips and tricks for spicing up the outfits you already have. With zero-waste lifestyles and sustainability on everyone’s minds these days, we encourage you to consider the hidden gems that already lay in the backs of your closets. You can spice up your summer outfits with these small yet key pieces.

Cuff Your Look

Cuffing the bottom hem of your women's jeans or pants is a super simple way to add chic detail to your summer basics. Whether you want to feel the breeze on your ankles or show off your cute boots, this is an easy styling option that will make any outfit seem effortlessly elevated.

To completely change the look of your favorite slouchy T-shirt, you can also cuff the sleeves of this piece. Simply fold up at the hem of the sleeve and then roll it up two or three times. This cuffed look pulls your summer basics together and creates an effortlessly cool and casual summer vibe.

Go Lavish With Light Layers

While it may seem counterintuitive to want to layer in the summer, layering done well with light colors and breathable fabrics can actually keep you cooler by reflecting the sun off you while also creating a high-fashion and put-together summer outfit. Wearing a loose-fitting light-colored women's linen shirt over your basic tank is a great example of summer layering done well.

You could also easily elevate any basic summer outfit with the addition of a light jacket for a night out or a draped shawl or brightly colored fashion scarf.

Wear Oversized for Casual Cool

As mentioned, sometimes wearing more clothing can actually keep you cooler, especially if you are spending time directly in the sun. Wearing an oversized long-sleeved men's button-down Oxford over a tank is a great way to keep the sun off your skin while allowing for plenty of breeze and breathability. Half-tuck this white or light-colored button-down into some high-waisted shorts for a casual but fashionable summer look.

We don’t love wearing long pants in the summer, of course, but choosing a wide-legged cropped pant style is a great oversize-style option that can allow for breezy breathability while also easily being dressed up or down. Pair your wide-legged cropped pants with a women's blouse and a blazer for work or simply tuck a T-shirt into them for a more casual look.

Rock a Summer Beach Babe Look

Use your swimwear as statement pieces this summer. Wear a solid-colored one-piece as a bodysuit under a pair of shorts, or let your cutest strappy bikini top peek out from under a sheer slouchy blouse. Many beach cover-ups can also double as practical and fabulous casual summer dresses for any casual outdoor events you may be attending this season.

Crop Your Top

A great way to elevate a basic T-shirt this summer is by creating a tucked-in crop top with it. No scissors or sewing required. All you have to do is flip the bottom of your shirt under and pull the extra fabric up and tuck the hem of your T-shirt into your bra. Adjust to your desired length, and you have a cool, slouchy crop top to wear.

Accentuate With Accessories

The easiest and most efficient way to instantly elevate any outfit, of course, is with a few key statement accessories. With nothing more than a belt and a pair of heels, you can effortlessly and instantly transform a simple T-shirt dress from casual loungewear to dinner date evening wear.

Sunglasses are a summer necessity in many places, so why not take the opportunity to make yours a bold statement piece with which you can instantly spice up any summer outfit? With summer statement sunglasses, the bigger and bolder, the better. Pair with a silky fashion scarf to add a fun retro vibe to any outfit of summer basics.

An oversized purse or canvas tote bag is another great summer accessory that is as practical as it is fashionable. Always be prepared this summer by packing extra water, sunscreen, and snacks in your bag to take with you everywhere.

Spice Up Your Life With New Summer Shoes

If you are looking to keep your go-to summer wardrobe and want to invest in just one new key piece to spice up any and every otherwise basic outfit, we recommend going for new shoes. The right shoes can instantly elevate any outfit from casual to chic. For elevating your summer vibe, consider investing in some trendy but incredibly wearable chunky platform sandals. This style is comfortable and multi-purpose. Ideal for almost any summer outfit or occasion.

Get creative and continue reusing and re-wearing your trusty old summer basics with fun new ways to spice them up each year.


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