Ways to Make a Summer Backyard Wedding Elegant

Ways to Make a Summer Backyard Wedding Elegant

You are getting married, and someone you know has a beautiful backyard you can't wait to turn into a ceremony-ready venue. You are doing a lot of things yourself, and you know that planning a wedding can be complicated. After all, there are entire professions devoted to event planning, and people specialize in weddings. So, what is it exactly you need to do to ensure your wedding is everything you hope it will be? How can you make your DIY backyard wedding elegant? Here are tips for what you can do to pull together a fabulous wedding event.

First, What Makes a Wedding "Elegant?"

The definition of elegant is "characterized by or exhibiting refined, tasteful beauty of manner, form, or style." This seems like a reasonable idea to adopt for a wedding. The question becomes, what can you do to make this kind of impression at your backyard wedding?

The Good News

The words "refined" and "tasteful" generally lend themselves to simplicity. So let's list some of the elements and how one might make an "elegant" choice.


When there are too many bright colors and patterns, the word that typically comes to mind is "overwhelming." That doesn't mean you opt for no color at all, though! Try to find an elegant balance of hues. An easy option is to focus on neutrals like white. Still, if you want at least a little color in there, there are lots of possibilities. You can pull a dark green from the surrounding foliage. A sky blue might be a good idea if there is a lot of open space. If you want to be bolder, go with one eye-catching color and let the rest of the colors support it. Teal surrounded by black, white, and gray could be a good combination. Using metallic gold against whites and browns might also be a pleasing association. If you are unsure, bring fabric swatches to your backyard venue and see how they look. Speaking of the venue...

The Venue

Thankfully, you already have your venue covered: you have a lovely outdoor location at your disposal. The weather and the yard already create a setting. Show it off at its best by making sure it is clean and that there aren't any weeds, dying flowers, or other yard debris. You definitely want your wedding to focus on life. Since the wedding is already outside, see if you can use some of the natural elements around you. If there is a big tree, use it as the focal point of the ceremony. If pots of flowers already line the backyard, shift them over to frame your aisle. Use your outdoor furniture to double as seats of honor. Use what you have to the fullest. Then you will only need to bring in small décor items to accent what is there. Elegance is all about understated beauty.


How to decorate your venue might involve a few more choices. If you feel the need to dress up your location a bit, consider using natural elements like flowers and greenery. These, again, put the focus on growth and life. Choose delicate trailing vines and classic florals for a stylish touch.

Light is also an interesting aspect to explore. Strategically placing gentle lights around can soften an atmosphere without leaving your wedding too dark. Candles are charming and simple. Twinkle lights can be magical. Graceful hanging lanterns might also make for an interesting décor choice. Use your imagination to try and picture what each of the potential elements will look like, and then turn your loveliest vision into reality.


This will obviously depend on the literal taste of the wedding couple. You want to share your favorite foods with your friends and families, and you definitely should. That said, there might be some ideas that are a bit more elegant than others. Food that is unlikely to make a mess of special occasion dresses or men's suits might be a smart idea. Decorating tables with small centerpieces — as long as they are out of the way of limbs and dishes — can be a nice way to elevate dining tables or even the buffet line if you opt for one. Higher quality food that people need to eat with a fork and knife could also help contribute to a more refined atmosphere.

Each of these ideas has to be considered and balanced with the hopes and dreams of the wedding couple as well as what it means to be festive and celebrate. Make sure to put your wedding together in a way that leaves you with no regrets!



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