6 Ways to Layer Your Most Comfy Leggings

6 Ways to Layer Your Most Comfy Leggings

Boy, do we love our leggings! They are cozy, they are cute, and they can be worn anytime during the year. You can wear these versatile apparel pieces with a tank top before heading out to go grocery shopping or wear them while working out. You can even dress up leggings, such as faux leather styles, with pumps and a blazer before heading out for drinks. Leggings are a must-have for any stylish woman’s wardrobe.

But how can you layer your leggings when it is cold outside? There are plenty of ways to rock your favorite pair of leggings to combat chilly weather and look fashionable from work to the weekend. You can wear a chic tunic top or dress. You can layer over them with a trendy sundress or sweater dress. Wearing a cozy bottom is a smart style choice. Or you can don chic accessories for a comfortable way to own the cold weather. Continue reading for six suggestions for layering with your favorite leggings.

1. Experiment With Flowy Tunic Tops

If you work in an office with a casual dress code or love to wear comfy leggings while hanging out with the girls, invest in a few tunics to match your leggings. Choose stylish leggings as your base, such as faux leather leggings, snakeskin-inspired patterned leggings, jeggings, or styles with embellishments.

As for the tunic, you have plenty of choices. But if you are styling for frigid weather, your best bets are tunic sweaters or flannel tunics. Experiment with knit patterns, vibrant or neutral tones, and silhouettes. For a dramatic statement, go for an extra-long sweater tunic.

2. Wear a Chic Dress

Re-purpose your summer sundresses, or bring out your knit sweater dresses and layer them over your leggings. Yes, you can wear your polka dot, pastel-toned, and bright floral dresses in the fall or winter, especially if you wear solid leggings underneath and a chic coat. If you really want to stand out, style your leggings with a mini-dress and finish your look with knee-high leather boots. What a way to own cold weather!

3. Pull on a Stylish Bottom

If you are heading to work, wear your leggings with a pencil skirt or a midi skirt. Or, for any other occasion, wear a mini skirt and cute booties with your leggings. Sweater skirts of any length are stylish, cozy choices, whether you are heading to work or on a date. For eye-catching style, layer your leggings underneath a maxi sweater skirt with a fun knit pattern, such as houndstooth, leopard, stripe, or cable-knit.

You can also layer thick pants or women’s jeans over your leggings if your primary goal is to stay warm. Or course, your leggings won’t be the star of the show since they won’t be showing, but this is an ingenious way to take on especially cold weather.

Besides wearing fleece-lined leggings, doubling-up on bottoms offers an extra layer of protection against the weather. Wear leggings with an antimicrobial finish (to combat odor caused by sweating) underneath your favorite jeans. Or before heading out to explore the great outdoors, slip into moisture-wicking leggings and layer them with durable hiking pants.

4. Don Leg Warmers

Leg warmers offer another fun way to layer with your leggings. They offer an extra layer of warmth and style. And they come in plenty of colorways, patterns, fabric types, and lengths. Cable-knit black, gray, camel, brown, and white leg warmers will go with most of your leggings. But if you are looking to elevate your style, go for neon, faux fur, slouchy, stripe, or even lace-up leg warmers.

5. Choose Chic Thigh-High Socks

Alternatively, you can wear thigh-high socks over your leggings for a fashionable, layered look. Like leg warmers, plenty of neutral, bright, and fun-patterned styles are available when styling your outfits. For a sultrier approach, wear sheer socks or lace knit socks over your leggings, and complete your look with a flared mini skirt and heeled booties or oxford pumps.

6. Pick Out Comfy Boots

Finally, style your leggings with comfortable women’s winter boots or booties. Pick the footwear that best complements your outfit. Flat boots and booties are a comfortable way to commute through the city. And knee-high booties look especially stylish when layered over leggings and styled with a mini skirt.

If you need shoes that offer more protection against the elements, styles such as women’s duck boots will give you the protection you are seeking. They have a waterproof finish and a slip-resistant rubber outsole that makes them ideal for icy sidewalks and trekking through rough terrain while on a hike.

What are other ways you layer with your leggings? Layering is smart to show off your personality and style while keeping warm in fall and winter. Experiment with vibrant patterns, different colorways, and ample textures. Perhaps wear the same color from head to toe, matching with your leggings and using various textures and shades of your chosen color. Or select leggings with a funky pattern or layering accents with a pop of color. There’s no wrong way to layer. Invest in multiple leggings for mixing and matching and dressing up or down. Then you will be ready to take on frigid weather with style.


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