5 Ways to Layer Spring Outfits

5 Ways to Layer Spring Outfits

Spring is in the air! The weather is slowly warming up, plants are budding and blooming, and every day is a struggle to find the best weather-appropriate outfit that stays fashionable and chic. The weather this time of year can be unpredictable. It can change at best day-to-day and at worst hour-to-hour or even minute-to-minute.

You want to shed your winter layers and show some leg, but the temperature might drop again this evening. You might love to wear your new flowy, spring maxi dress, but it might rain later. Don’t fret! Layers to the rescue! The beauty of layered outfits is they allow you to be as changeable as the climate. We put together this helpful guide on spring layering to help you through this variable time of year.

1.) Incorporate a Classic Tee

A plain classic women’s T-shirt is a staple for spring layering. Besides the obvious jeans and T-shirt combo that can be worn with any shoes and dressed up with a blazer or down with a sweatshirt, the plain T-shirt makes for a great layer in other surprising ways. Wear a plain white tee under a fun, busy floral tank dress. Drape a cardigan around your shoulders in case it gets chilly.

T-shirts themselves can also be layered. Experiment with different cuts and styles, layering various fabrics and textures. Wear a loose-fitting cropped tee under a more fitted sleeveless romper or overalls for a casual chic look.

2.) With Denim and Leather

Denim and leather jackets are timeless wardrobe staples that are perfect for cooler spring days. Mix and match or even wear these jackets layered together for a daring modish vibe. Are you just dying to wear your new flowy spring maxi dress, but it is still just too chilly outside? Wear that dress over some leggings and pair it with a hoodie or sweater and your denim or leather jacket for a casual, cool layered spring look that will keep you warm.

Leather pants are also a fun spring option to stay warm while looking cool. Balance the sleek leather with a soft, billowy linen shirt and light canvas jacket. Complete this look with a pair of stiletto heels.

3.) With Dresses on Dresses

Have you ever been completely undecided about which of your favorite spring dresses to wear today? Decide to wear them both. Spring is about fun, flowy layers after all. Wear a more fitted, form-hugging tank dress as a base layer, and wear a more flowy looser dress on top. For a similar vibe, add a pair of flowing wide-legged linen pants under a camisole minidress. Combine either of these looks with sandals and a sweater for a seasonal spring boho look.

4.) With Dresses on Pants

Wearing a dress over a pair of jeans is a fashion statement that many left in the ’90s, but this look has made a resurgence recently—and for good reason! This look is first and foremost practical: It is a great way to show off your favorite spring dress before it is warm enough outside to wear alone. Plus, this type of layering can be super chic. The key to layering pants with a dress is the balance between fitted and loose. To pull this look off, pair your more fitted item with a looser or more flowy item. If the style you want to wear is a fit and flare dress-style, combine it with a pair of skinny jeans and a light jacket. If you have a slinky, form-clinging dress, wear it with some looser straight-legged jeans and an oversized sweater. You can even pull this look off at the office—wear your favorite spring dress with a pair of tailored chinos and a blazer.

5.) Incorporating Menswear Looks

A super fun and stylish way to layer is to incorporate some masculine items into your look. A suit jacket paired with a flirty and feminine floral skirt or dress is a balanced and sophisticated style. Wear a men’s button-down shirt tucked into short shorts (add a pair of tights or go bare-legged if it is warm enough) with a blazer and pair with some posh patent leather high heels.

Don’t feel tied to one style this spring. Mix and match colors and have fun with layering textures. Wear a cashmere turtleneck under a leather jacket and a sleeveless romper, for example. Layer for the weather, of course, but don’t forget to layer for fun as well.


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