Ways to Keep the Whole Family Active in the New Year

Ways to Keep the Whole Family Active in the New Year

Finally, 2021 has arrived—and with the new year has come the traditional New Year’s resolutions of staying active, improving your health, and spending time together with the whole family. No matter what climate you live in, kids and adults can stay active both outdoors and indoors—it just takes a little planning and the right gear, of course. Here are six ways the whole family can stay active this year—no matter where you live.

Playing Outside (in a Cold Climate)

The safest way for kids to stay active is to get outside and start moving. If you live in a cold climate, bundle up your kiddos up in their favorite kids’ winter jackets, plus all the necessary stay-warm-in-winter accessories, and send them outside to play. Simple games like tag, catch, hide-and-seek, and even basketball can be played outside, even in the chilliest of temperatures.

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area that sees a lot of fluffy snow, the outdoor activities are endless. Parents, you’ll have a blast helping your kids build a snowman or even a snow fort. Smaller kids can do snow angels and just experience the wonders of a beautiful snowy day. Simply spending a day playing outdoors in a winter wonderland is good for everyone in the family.

Playing Outside (in a Warm Climate)

Kids just want to be outside. If you can’t get to a playground or don’t have a backyard your kids can run around in, why not take a family hike instead? Fill up a backpack with water and snacks and find a new area to explore near your home. (You don’t need to live near the mountains to take a nice hike—many areas have Forest Preserves, local hiking trails, and even educational walking tours to get people moving outside.) One idea? Have your kids do some online research and see what area the whole family can visit.

In addition, simple games like tag, pickup basketball, and hide-and-seek are popular among families. Or, if you live near grandparents, but have been unable to get together, one great idea is to schedule a weekly walk so the kids and grandparents can see each other, share stories from the week, and stay active. (If you’re brave, this can be done in cold weather, too!)


If you live in a warmer temperature, you’re lucky because swimming is a fun and safe option for the whole family. Swimming is a wonderful way to stay healthy and get a little closer to your New Year’s resolutions. Just make sure everyone is wearing a rash guard along with sunscreen, sun hats, and sunglasses. Getting a sunburn to kick off the new year is not the way you want to start your 2021. Trust us!


Skiing is a fun and easy way to get outside and get active. Tip: Before you plan your trip, call the resort to see if tickets are still available. Once you know the mountain is open, the whole family can grab your warmest winter coats, skis, helmets, and goggles, and then hit the slopes.

Ski resorts are a great option for the whole family because most offer other activities besides just downhill skiing. Other heart-pumping things to do include cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snow tubing, and even outdoor laser tag—all safe, social-distanced activities the whole family will enjoy.

Walking the Dog

A great way for the whole family to bond, stay active, and tackle those resolutions is to take the dog on a nightly walk—whether you live in a warm climate or one that is cooler. If you live in a cold climate, add some flare to your pooch in a dog winter jacket. Keeping the family’s best friend warm and cozy is something all pet lovers will be able to appreciate.

In 2021, your family can stay active and spend time together no matter where you live. Don’t let cold weather keep you from achieving all your 2021 goals. You deserve it! If we’ve learned anything after 2020, it’s that health, happiness, and spending time together is what’s most important.

Cook a Healthy Meal That the Whole Family Will Love

Cooking a healthy meal together as a family has three big benefits that will keep you active and healthy in the new year. First, the whole family is hanging out together in the kitchen—talking, laughing, and catching up. Second, a healthy meal (packed with nutrients you need to stay healthy and energetic) will get you one step closer to some of your New Year’s resolutions. Third, cooking is hard work and keeps everyone bustling around the kitchen—slicing, simmering, and sampling. It’s a fun and simple way to stay active. And, you get a great meal at the end. Bon Appetit!

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