3 Ways to Involve Your Kids in Their Back-to-School Shopping

3 Ways to Involve Your Kids in Their Back-to-School Shopping

It’s been a long summer, and after weeks of fun in the sun, vacations, and some much-needed downtime, it’s now time to go back to school. Whether you decide to go virtual or in-person for the instructional year, there are many ways to get your kids involved with their back-to-school shopping.

After all, when you give kids responsibilities in this department, the process will be easier and more enjoyable for the whole family. When kids have a say about what type of backpack and clothing they get to wear, they will appreciate their items and take care of them. Give your kids ownership over this task, and everyone wins! Here are three ways to involve your kids and their back-to-school shopping for a fun and successful school year.

1. Clean Out the Closet With Your Kids

Before a new school year, it’s important to go through your child’s closet to find out what they have outgrown or don’t wear any longer. Kids can have growth spurts unexpectedly, so something that may have fit even just a few months ago may not fit anymore. There may also be styles of clothing your child isn’t into anymore. For these reasons, closets and drawers can overflow with clothing that’s just taking up space.

When you take everything your child doesn’t wear and put them in a donation or clothing swap box, you have plenty of room for more clothing your child will actually enjoy. To make this process more streamlined, ask your child about each item you want to put away. Ask them if they like wearing it or if they would like to donate it. When you are done with this process, your child’s closet should have enough room for new clothing for the school year.

Also, take note of what clothing items your child needs after this closet clean-out. For instance, if you found that your child has outgrown most of their shorts and kids’ jeans, then you should put these items on your list of things to buy. Shoes, jackets, and other essentials like kids’ T-shirts are usually items that kids outgrow quickly, too, and must be replaced. Socks are another hot item that kids need every school year; somehow, there's never enough!

2. Shop Together to Agree on Styles

When you have an organized inventory and a list of things your child needs, you have two choices — go to the store in person or shop online. Depending on your child’s temperament and personality, you may prefer one method over the other. However, it’s easier to stay organized and get exactly what you need when you shop online than in a physical store. There are many distractions and enticing sales in public that can lead you and your child away from what is important.

But when you shop online, you can click on the exact number of items you need. For instance, if you need five pairs of kids’ leggings, you can choose the exact colors, sizes, and quantity you need in just seconds as opposed to sifting through racks and hoping the items are in stock. This also keeps you in the comfort of your own home and allows your child to be actively involved in the shopping process since they can look at the same items and discuss them with you.

3. Strategize School Uniform Selections

If your child goes to a private school or a public school with a uniform code, then shopping online for school uniforms is a snap. Find out from the school how many items such as kids’ polos and jumpers are always recommended to have enough clean clothing in rotation. There is no correct answer for any family, but it depends on how often you are willing to wash clothing and how much you want to spend on school uniforms. Naturally, children have fewer choices when it comes to uniforms, but there may be some leeway in what types of bottoms or tops they get to wear. Check the school for the official policy so your child can pick uniforms that abide by the guidelines.

Overall, if you buy fewer uniforms, you will need to wash them more frequently. It’s also important to be strategic about the types of uniforms to buy. For instance, school uniform gym clothes get sweaty and messy in just one day, so it’s important to have enough sets to last the whole week so you could do laundry just once a week. Otherwise, you might be stressed out washing the same gym outfit to get it ready for the next day.

When you take the time to figure out what pieces of clothing your child needs for the school year, then you can actively involve your child in selecting the styles they love.

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