7 ways to get your home ready for winter

If you live in the Midwest like we do, you’re probably already familiar with checking the weather stripping and changing the furnace filter. But there are still a few things you may not have thought of that can drastically improve your winter QOL (Quality of Life).

Here are seven ways to winterize your house (and quite possibly save on the heating bill).

1. Upgrade your bed sheets.

Those silky-soft sateen monogrammed bed sheets are great for summer, but a smooth, cool surface isn’t exactly the warm and welcoming feeling you want when you climb into bed in winter. You want cozy. And for that, you need something with a nap — the little raised “hairs” a fabric gets when you brush it. The best we’ve found? Flannel sheets. Their napped cotton surface helps them trap body warmth and doesn’t cling to cold air, so they’re warmer to the touch. Combine that with a heftier weight — ours go up to six ounces per square yard — and they can feel downright toasty.

2. Layer on the warmth – flannel sheets or down comforters.

You’re going to need more than flannel sheets to stay warm. That’s where down comforters come in. Down is what we like to call “nature’s best insulator”: almost no human-engineered fiber can match its ratio of warmth to weight. That’s what makes it such a great insulator for a comforter. It’s warm and lofty, but it won’t weigh you down.

If you opt for down, we recommend investing in a few duvet covers to protect your investment. It’s much easier to remove and wash a cover than to clean the comforter itself. Having multiple covers lets you quickly and easily transform the look of your bed, too. Most of our duvet covers have matching shams. Add those, and your bed won’t just be warm and cozy — it’ll look like it came straight out of a magazine.

3. Invest in some bath mats.

It happens to the best of us. You step out of the shower in a cloud of steamy bliss. Then you yelp — or maybe let out a high-pitched wail. Why? You’ve just placed your wet feet on the sheet of ice that is your bathroom floor. That’s where bathroom rugs come in. The soft, cottony surface puts a layer of cushion and warmth between your feet and the cold, hard floor. (Tip: They work great in front of your sink, too.)

4. Get better, warmer bath towels.

Most people don’t think of personalized bath towels when they think of making their home warm and cozy. But the benefits of better bath towels are twofold. The softer, fluffier and more substantial the towel, the warmer and cozier it feels wrapped around you. Unsurprisingly, these towels tend to be more absorbent, too. And that means you’ll spend less time feeling cold and damp and more time feeling warm and like you’re wrapped up in a friendly hug.

5. Don’t be a slipper skipper.

It’s a well-known fact that the surface temperature of winter floors hovers around 32ºF. And since you can’t put bath rugs across every inch of your hardwoods, you’re gonna need personalized monogrammed slippers. We like a good shearling slipper. They’re warm, soft and — best of all — naturally breathable, so they won’t leave your feet all clammy.

6. Place throws and blankets everywhere.

The best way to fight the chill in every room of your house is to outfit chairs, couches, and beds with blankets or throws. Fleece blankets and throws are a great choice here. They’re light and easy to wrap up in yet remarkably plush and warm. The secret? They trap your own body heat, turning you into your very own portable furnace.

7. Upgrade your "cozy clothes."

You know the ones. It’s what you wear when you have absolutely zero chance of leaving your couch for the day — the stuff only the local pizza delivery person and maybe your significant other will ever see. For winter, we recommend ditching those ragged old T-shirts and gym shorts. Give your loungewear a warmth upgrade. Women’s or men’s fleece pajamas are a good start. Just like the blankets, they’re super soft and trap heat to keep you warm on lazy Sundays. If you’re in full relaxation mode, go for a Turkish terry bathrobe. Ours is made in state-of-the-art mills by skilled artisans with generations of expertise. It’s got plenty of heft, weighing in at a full 14 ounces per square yard, so it’s extra warm. You’ll appreciate that next time you have to make the (formerly) cold, post-shower trek to your wardrobe.

So there they are: seven ways to warm up your home for winter. All with things you can get right here at landsend.com. If that’s not the perfect marriage of convenience and coincidence, we don’t know what is.

Stay warm, folks.

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