4 Ways to Elevate Your Resort Wear

4 Ways to Elevate Your Resort Wear

If you are on your way to a long-awaited vacation that you have saved up for, and it's at a very classy resort, you want to make sure you enjoy your experience to the fullest. You can be whoever you want on vacation, so why not be the best version of yourself? We all have times when we are so busy something has to give, and we let style fall to the wayside. But this is your vacation! It's the time when you finally have the space to breathe and catch up on all the little things that make you feel alive again. Taking the opportunity to elevate your style will help you fit in at your fancy resort and recalibrate your mind, putting work and daily obligations to the side and focusing on having a relaxing, refreshing vacation. Let your style reflect that realignment! Here are four tips to help you elevate your resort wear and update your internal and external image of yourself.

Upgrade Your Nightwear

There are days when you want to stay in your pajamas all day. This vacation may be full of those! If so, why not choose pajamas that make you feel like you are lounging in sleepy opulence? Leave the old oversized t-shirts and ratted boxers at home and opt for a sleek nightgown or a cute, comfy pajama set. If you want to go further, grab a light wrap and a pedicure and call for some room service. Spending the morning on the couch, sipping some delicious coffee while taking in a stunning ocean view, would make for a sumptuous morning. Plus, if you have something new and gorgeous to wear at night, your partner will appreciate it!

Bathing Suit Forethought

There are some years when you suddenly realize it is midway through June and that beach barbecue is tomorrow. You panic and run into the nearest department store, grab a few things off the rack that are cheap and catch your eye, and go with the first thing that more or less fits. While you can occasionally stumble upon some godsends in these moments, usually, you end up with a bathing suit that you don't like but wear because there is nothing else.

Make this summer different! Take a look at your body type and research the different styles and colors that will make you look like an ocean goddess. Maybe you will run across a type of bathing suit that you never thought to try before, and it turns out to be perfect for you. Tankinis, special one-piece swimsuits, and bikinis are just waiting for you to find them. The combination of wearing a bathing suit you took the time to search for and love to wear while you play in cool, tropical waters at a high-end resort will go a long way toward enhancing your vacation experience.

Intentional Outfits

Packing whatever happens to be clean at the moment and fits into your suitcase is for another, more casual vacation. For this one, plan a little and choose pieces you love, and make awesome outfit combinations with other clothes that make you feel marvelous when you put them on. This can be tough to do, but there are some tricks! Save space by focusing on basics you love and choosing accessories or outerwear as your accent pieces for your outfits. A suitcase of neutrals with statement pieces in coordinating colors will help everything go with everything else, making for a wide range of outfits from the smallest number of clothes. If you need more direction, check out capsule wardrobes to find out how others manage to create such a flexible mix of attire. If other people can do it, you certainly can too! Whatever you choose to pack, make your fashion decisions with intention. You will be more confident in your clothes and be able to relax better on your vacation, knowing you have made great choices.

Enhance Your Options

As you are putting together your packing list and seeing what goes with what and what you should include, consider again who you are and where you are going. Would a person who is as fun-loving and energetic as you wear that? Does this over here best express your bohemian demeanor? What does an up-and-coming somebody wear out to eat? Think about what outfits will contribute to the direction you are heading and align your fashion style with all the good you hope to have in your life. Choose to take pieces you love that make you feel great and look great and that you will be excited to break out while on your trip.

Getting yourself together is tough but worth the effort. When you do, you'll have a summer vacation that will live on forever.


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