Ways To Dress Warmly for Outdoor Winter Activities

Ways To Dress Warmly for Outdoor Winter Activities

Winter is the perfect time of year for getting cozy and nesting at home, and we love spending a comfy weekend indoors as much as you do! And while the appeal of a blanket cocoon and a movie marathon can be particularly enticing when the temperature drops outside, it’s important to find a balance of indoor and outdoor activity during the winter months.

Of course, doing anything outside in winter requires the right attire. While no outfit will feel as comfy-cozy as being a blanket burrito on the couch, you can dress warmly for seasonal outdoor activities that’ll motivate you to get outdoors – and ensure the weather doesn’t get in the way of a great time. Read on for tips and tricks for the best winter adventure attire in the great outdoors (or around the block!).

Must-Have Winter Accessories

Before we dive (or sled or ski, rather) into the best attire for outdoor winter activities, let’s quickly touch on some must-have winter accessories. Dressing warmly for winter is all about layering and finding the right outerwear, but freezing fingers or wet toes can quickly put a major damper on an outdoor adventure.

So, before picking out any outfit for a cold-weather adventure, ensure you have the right pair of gloves, a warm hat, a practical scarf, and some thick, waterproof socks to complete each look.

Ice Skating

When it comes to activities that capture the magic of the season, ice skating at an outdoor rink is at the top of the list. Perfect for a winter date night, a get-together with your gal pals, or a memorable experience for the whole family, you’ll want an outfit that’s as warm as it's cute and stylish.

That’s where a pair of fleece-lined leggings come in. These bottoms are perfect for providing warmth and flexibility, all while being stylish, especially when you pair them with a flattering yet functional tunic sweater and a puffer vest layer. This outfit is all about trapping in heat without being too bulky or restrictive, which makes it perfect for working on your figure eights (or trying your best to stay upright, which is just as fun).

A Winter Hike

Outdoorsy winter adventures, like hikes, are a great way to embrace the season when nature tends to feel particularly serene. And while winter hikes can be downright dreamy, there are also a few factors to consider – like how to be safe and warm on the trail. As far as trail safety goes in winter, you should look into the weather and the route before heading out on your adventure. Do a bit of digging online about warnings around ice or other seasonal considerations, and make sure you time out your hike in advance, so you don’t get stuck traversing the trail in the dark.

Once you’ve researched your route and the weather forecast, you’ll want to pick out a practical outfit that'll keep you warm without causing you to overheat. Opt for a pair of activewear leggings and a long-sleeve moisture-wicking shirt as your base layer. Next, add a button-down flannel shirt layer, and complete the outfit with a lightweight yet warm and water-resistant packable jacket. Packable jackets are a must-have for cold-weather hikes since they’re major space-savers in your bag, meaning you can have more room for your trail essentials (extra trail mix, anyone?).

Counting Your Steps

Walks around your neighborhood are a simple yet effective way to help you care for your physical and mental health in the winter months. With the right attire, the winter weather doesn’t need to get in the way of reaching your step count goals.

For long walks during the winter season, you’ll want to pair some cozy bottoms like some fleece joggers with a long-sleeve thermal or waffle knit shirt. Next, add a pullover hoodie or a women's fleece jacket, and complete the look with a long parka layer if the weather calls for it. This comfy outfit will keep you nice and toasty while you hit your daily steps.

Skiing or Snowboarding

If you’re hitting the slopes this winter, you’ll want to bring a few outfits that will keep you warm while also providing maximum flexibility on the mountain. For skiing and snowboarding, opting for waterproof or water-resistant outer layers and warm, insulted base layers is important.

So, start with thermal underwear as your base, and then add a zip-up fleece layer. Next, suit up in your women's snow pants and a squall or ski jacket. These cold-weather essentials will keep you warm enough to stay out on the mountain for as long as you want before heading back to the lodge for provisions!

There are many fun seasonal activities to take advantage of in winter, and getting outdoors during the colder months is essential for balancing out your cozy indoor time. With these warm outfits in your rotation, the cold weather doesn’t have to stand in the way of having some outdoorsy adventures and staying active all season long.


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