Confident by Christmas: 5 Ways to confidently face the holidays, and full year ahead.

Confident by Christmas: 5 ways to confidently face the holidays, and full year ahead

The holidays have a way of leaving some of us feeling a little less than confident. Perhaps because expectations run highest during this time of year. Whether you are combatting the pressures you’ve placed upon yourself, or those placed upon you by others, enlisting these five trusted tips will give you the moxie needed to power you through the holidays.

1. Confidence is fueled by comfort.

You’ll not feel confident if you are uncomfortable. Comfort is the key to unlocking the reserves of your confidence. Comfort isn’t entirely sweatpants and a hoodie, although each has its place in any smart woman’s wardrobe. Comfort comes from a great fit. Fit is a combination of the right size and the right fabrics. Look for both. Tirelessly search for the best. Here are a few of our confidence-boosting favorite styles. Trust us, this is attire you will be proud to be seen in.

2. The skinny on skinny jeans.

Thousands of songs have been written about how you look in those jeans. So, clearly they’re working for you. However, if by chance the possibility of having your own theme song doesn’t boost your confidence, glancing in the mirror after you zip up a properly fitting pair of slim, not tight, skinny jeans definitely will. If you are not getting the effect you had hoped for, you need to switch jean styles. Trade a low rise for high rise jeans. Or a mid rise with a hidden elastic waistband. Once you nail the fit, skinny jeans are flattering on everyone! When you are feeling a bit fancy, skinny jeans work perfectly with high heels and a nice top. On more casual days, skinny jeans pair best with ballet flats or even sneakers. And during fall and winter, who can get enough of the skinny jeans and boots look? Boots and jeans go together like peas and carrots.

3. Your power suit owes it all to this skirt.

If the gathering calls for a dress or skirt, the one that is the most universally flattering is, was, and always will be the pencil skirt. You can pencil in even more confidence by pairing it with a crisp button-up shirt. Get as reserved or as bold as you dare with it tucked in and buttoned all the way up, totally unbuttoned with a cami underneath, cuffs buttoned-up and ironed stiff, or casually folded into a ¾ sleeve look. Whatever you decide to wear on top, just be sure you garnish it with a bit of jewelry. Stacked bracelets up one arm, a large face watch on your wrist, and a necklace that ends about an inch above wherever you began buttoning your shirt sets it apart. Especialy if you went the classic khaki skirt/white shirt/brown pumps route.

4. Dress success.

When only a dress will do, think ahead, shop wisely, and invest in yourself. When you put on the right dress, it isn’t just a dress anymore. Wearing a dress that works with what you have to work with will turn that dress into the most valued piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Yes, of course you feel more confident when you wear it. That is obvious, but you also recall that confidence when you are not wearing the dress. You’ll catch yourself thinking back to the compliments people gave you while you were wearing it, repeating them to yourself, and feeling, once again, the way you felt when the compliment was given to you. You’ll need the dress that is right for you. Simple sheath dress and pumps, knee length boots and a sweater dress, velvet pleated skirt and a jeans jacket? Give lots of options a try. When they’re made from forgiving fabrics like ponte knit or velvet with a touch of stretch, you might be surprised what silhouettes work best. When you don’t know where to start, keep in mind that most women can count on a flowy a-line dress that hits at about midcalf and has a slightly raised waist. Maybe start there and see where you end up.

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