Ways To Celebrate Teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week

Ways To Celebrate Teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers continue to be the unsung heroes of everyday life. Being a teacher, especially in elementary and middle schools, has always been a job deserving of praise and appreciation. Teachers always deserve extra special love and appreciation. You could always fall back on a Lands' End gift card to express your gratitude, but most people also appreciate a personal touch.

Here are some great ways to show the teachers in your life that you see and care about them during this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week.

Have Flowers or a Plant Delivered

Everyone loves receiving flowers! Send flowers to the teacher in your life this year to let them know you are thinking of them and that you appreciate everything they do. Having something delivered to them, as opposed to hand-delivering a gift yourself, also may be a wonderful surprise and a gift in and of itself. An unexpected gift allows teachers to appreciate your thoughtfulness. As an alternative to a bouquet, we also recommend giving the gift of a plant. Whether real live plants, or silk or synthetic, plants are a beautiful gift that a teacher can take home and enjoy, or keep in the classroom. A live plant is a great idea for a classroom gift, as the students can help care for it and watch it grow over the school year. A silk plant is also a great alternative if you want to give a gift that does not require as much maintenance.

The Best Gifts Are Hand-Made

Get creative with your kids and create something special and unique for their teachers. You could make a hand-made thank you card and arrange for the entire class to sign it before giving it to the teacher. Have a full-on arts and crafts adventure with your kids to make this gift extra special and fun. You could make a whole bouquet with handmade paper flowers, for example. Check with the school ahead of time to make sure it is allowed of course, but homemade baked goods make fantastic gifts as well. The teacher in your life is sure to appreciate the extra love and care that went into your hand-made gift.

Extra School Supplies Are Always Welcome

Check-in with teachers and administration at the school and find out where there are supply needs. Teachers almost always welcome extra school supplies. You could even make school supply gift bags for all of the teachers you know. Some ideas for your teacher supply gift bags could include lotions, hand sanitizers, Kleenex, chocolates, mints, etc. You can also buy a nice new schoolbag and fill it with office supplies such as markers, pens, and stationery to give to your kid’s teacher.

Remind Them They Are More Than Just a Teacher

School and office-themed gifts are a wonderful idea, but why not give your teacher the gift of self-care for all they pour out? Get the teacher in your life a pair of ultra-plush comfy slippers and a matching plush comfy robe. Perhaps you could even throw in a gift certificate to a local spa, or for a massage. Encourage them to indulge in themselves because they surely deserve it.

Include Staff and Administration

During teacher appreciation week, try not to overlook all of the behind-the-scenes folks who keep your kids learning all year long. Get together with school administration and your Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to organize a teacher appreciation-themed breakfast or luncheon. Bring coffee and donuts, order catering, or bake some quiches and pastries. You can consider doing different times and days so that everyone can get a chance to come and be appreciated. Be sure to include often-overlooked but vital staff members, such as bus drivers, janitors, and lunch service staff. Make these events eco-friendly and classed-up by providing cloth napkins and hand towels.

Get Personal!

Get to know your kid’s teachers and find out who they are outside of school. Incorporating their hobbies or real-life passions into their teacher appreciation gift will give it a highly personal touch that will mean more to them.

Whatever you decide to do for the teacher in your life this year, know that recognizing their efforts will be cherished and appreciated.


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