5 Ways to Add Newness to Your Hanukkah Celebration

5 Ways to Add Newness to Your Hanukkah Celebration

Celebrate Hanukkah in a fresh way this year with some new traditions. By trying new things, you can decide what you’d like to do every year and what you’d like to leave behind. It’s possible to honor tradition while infusing a bit of newness to the holiday. Here are five ideas to get you started upgrading your Hanukkah season:

Have a Casual Party

Many holiday parties are formal, which is certainly traditional but not always the most fun choice. Even if you attend a whirlwind of formal-dress celebrations, throw your own casual get-together for friends and family to celebrate the season. The point of such a gathering is to enjoy the holiday and spending time with loved ones, so don’t sweat the details.

For example, you could send texts or online invites instead of snail mail and specify casual dress. If there’s a gift exchange, include the price limit—such as gifts $25 and under—if you so choose. A potluck is a fun idea for the holidays where everyone brings a dish, which saves you the trouble of cooking and cleaning more than necessary. Plus, it gives everyone a chance to show off their favorite recipes and maybe even exchange a few.

Activities for your casual Hanukkah party besides a gift exchange could be holiday games or even watching a favorite holiday movie. Spinning the dreidel is a traditional Hanukkah game that kids and adults can enjoy. A quick online search can lead you to a plethora of holiday games, so it’s likely you’ll find one that suits your family’s preferences and ages.

Outfits for a casual holiday party can include winter fashion staples such as leggings in a festive print or hue, women’s tunic sweaters or turtlenecks, and your favorite boots. Even a matching sweatsuit can look fashionable for a laid-back Hanukkah celebration. Go for a women’s sweatshirt and sweatpants in a Hanukkah hue such as white or blue for a modern, monochromatic look that you can dress up with gold jewelry.

Choose a Modern Menorah

Lighting the menorah on each night of Hanukkah is a vital part of the holiday. While this is a traditional practice, you can choose a modern menorah style. The traditional style has a base with nine taper candlesticks coming off of it, while some of the most modern styles are gently curved for minimalist holiday flair.

Update the rest of your home with luxe holiday touches such as blue-and-white monogrammed towels and cozy blue throw blankets draped over armchairs, sofas, and other seats. Candles on the mantel with treasured family photos also bring a festive impact to your home during the holiday season.

Surprise Them with Unique Gifts

It’s not always possible to pull out all the stops on every gift-giving day of Hanukkah, but it’s fun to throw in a few surprises. Whether you’re buying for everyone on your list or participating in a gift exchange as part of a group, there are various ideas to elevate your gifting game.

For example, food gifts are always a hit. Or you could give a gift card on one of the Hanukkah nights. Lands’ End gift cards let your recipient choose what they want and come in almost any denomination you need. One way to make every gift unique is to include a handwritten note with a sweet holiday sentiment.

Create a Relaxed Atmosphere

Encourage a stress-free Hanukkah holiday by preparing ahead. Whether you use a spreadsheet or a notebook and pen, planning and list-making is your best friend. Get your to-do list checked off early so you can relax and make it easier by upping your self-care and furnishing your home with soothing amenities.

Besides cozy throws and plush bath towels, you can outfit your home with scented candles in the traditional or flameless variety for a relaxing glow and pleasant fragrance. Equip your wardrobe with women’s loungewear that you can wear all day, whether your favorite look is yoga pants and a long-sleeve tee or women’s joggers and a Sherpa-lined hoodie. Instead of stressing this season, you’ll be ready to kick back with a good book and relax in between seasonal celebrations.

Combine Learning with Fun

Make learning about Hanukkah enjoyable for guests and young members of the family with trivia games and small prizes. You could host a trivia contest during a holiday party, or during a family game night. You don’t have to do anything elaborate, simply write down some Hanukkah-related questions and answers on index cards. You may also want to have plenty of background information to back up each answer with informative details.

These are simply ideas and suggestions for refreshing your Hanukkah holiday. You can adapt them to fit your needs or come up with additional ideas. The most important parts of the holiday are observing traditions, giving thanks and enjoying time with the people you love.


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