Ways to Layer With Sweaters

Ways to Layer With Sweaters

If there’s one perfect piece that can help you stay comfortable regardless of the season, it’s a sweater. These soft, stylish, and ultra-versatile wardrobe staples can be worn in a myriad of ways. Layering can help you use your favorite women’s sweaters in brand-new ways and create outfits you’ll love. Plus, you’ll get flattering looks that hit the mark when it comes to style.

Wear Sweaters Over Collared Shirts for Polished Style

Whether you need a polished look for work, school, or other events, you can easily achieve it with a layered look using your favorite button-up shirt and blouses and a crewneck or V-neck pullover. Pullover sweaters don’t take a lot to look pulled together, but layering them over a button-up shirt adds both an extra layer of warmth and that extra bit of polished pizazz. For extra interest, try a solid-colored pullover with a shirt in a print or pattern. Simple accessories, like subtle earrings, work well with this look. Pair your sweater-shirt combo with anything from a pencil skirt to khaki pants to women’s jeans, and you’ll be set.

Look Smart in Button-Up Sweaters and Sleek Tops

If you’re looking for a dressy look that still scores high on the comfort scale, consider an outfit like a sleek, fitted top, button-up sweater, and your choice of bottoms. This layered look is flattering for all body types. Wearing a fitted layer under a button-up sweater makes the outfit look smart and sleek, plus you can keep the sweater buttoned or unbuttoned as needed for comfort throughout the day. Monochromatic looks with the same color sweater and top will create a simple, polished-looking style, while mixing and matching solid colors (or tossing in a trendy print top) can spice things up when you’re in the mood for a bolder look.

Cashmere Sweaters and Camis for an Elevated Look

Want to up the ante when it comes to a dressy look that you can still pull off for everyday occasions? A luxurious cashmere sweater and a simple shell or cami are all you need. Cashmere sweaters for women offer optimum style yet have a super soft, comfortable feel, so you can’t go wrong. All types of skirts, pants, and denim look fabulous with a cashmere sweater, so you can mix and match this simple layer for an array of outfits.

Try Zippered Sweaters Over Casual Shirts for Comfy Layers

While sweaters are notoriously stylish, these pieces don’t always have to look dressy to look chic. You can have an on-trend, appealing look with a variety of casual tops layered under zip-up sweaters.

The zipped sweater not only makes comfort a quick zip away, but it also has a slightly more casual vibe that works well for everyday looks, weekend wear, and more. Pair it with casual tops like long-sleeved T-shirts, turtlenecks, or thermal tops for cute and cozy outfits.

Layer Open-Front Cardigans With Blouses You Want to Show Off

The open-front cardigan is a classic every woman should have (maybe even several styles!). It’s easy to see why ladies fall in love with it. From drape-front designs to waterfall looks, this breezy yet chic statement says style in all the right places. This is a great sweater to layer over a trendy or unique top that allows you to show off the print or design of the shirt. Since cardigan sweaters come in an array of lengths, experiment with some options to find what works for you best.

Layer Sweaters With Dresses and Tights

Sweaters and dresses can look elegant, sweet, or anything in between. Try lightweight pullover sweaters under a jumper-style dress, or a pretty cardigan over a simple sheath. Wear loose cardigans with A-line or peplum-inspired dresses, or oversized sweaters with a basic shirt dress. To keep stylish and combat the chill in fall or winter, just dress up the outfit with a pair of thick tights. Add in your favorite footwear picks, like casual loafers or cute ankle boots, and you’ll be ready to wow.

Turtleneck Sweaters Make Great Layers Under Jackets

The sweater-jacket combo is just the ticket when it comes to getting the warmth you need during cooler times of year. Turtleneck sweaters look fabulous layered under a wide range of jacket styles. Try anything from a smart blazer to a casual denim jacket for warmth and style this season.

Stock Up on Sweaters to Keep Your Layers Going All Season

What’s so great about sweaters is that they make it simple to style different looks, so you can get creative with your outfits all year. Stock up on a variety of sweater styles and colors, as well as other shirts and blouses to pair them with, and you’ll have endless options when it comes to creating layered outfits this year.

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